removing battens from vinyl-coated wallboards in mobile homes - ask a mobile home expert series (painting the entire wall to blend in everything)

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  1. I would like to wallpaper over my bathroom VOG walls. I plan on using TSP cleaner to clean them before applying the wallpaper. Are there any specific wallpaper types/brands or bonding agents you would recommend so it sticks well and doesn’t peel? Thanks!

  2. I purchased a double wide from a couple that had started to redo and quit. I have a beautiful kitchen with the wall area messed up. I want to replace the area they tore the battens away–can battens be bought and replaced in a mobile home?

    1. Hi Patricia,

      Absolutely! Just about anything you can do to a site-built home you can do to a mobile home and with the same materials. I would love to see (and share) your before and afters when you get finished! best of luck!

  3. Wanting to paint mobile home walls that have been painted but wasn’t primed before does the paint need to be removed or can you just prime over everything and paint .

    1. Hi Darin,

      I’d wash the walls real well and then use a paint and primer in one. If the paint that’s on there hasn’t had any issues you should be fine. If there’s any bubbling or peeling anywhere you’ll want to prep that area before putting new paint (follow the instructions on the paint can).

      Best of luck!