Beach Theme Decor Ideas For Your Mobile Home

Mobile home decor is a very popular topic at Mobile Home Living. From shabby chic decor, farmhouse rustic, to retro you can find just about every decor style imaginable. This time we share our beach theme decor ideas for your mobile home along with some coastal homes from our archives!

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Park Model Homes Make the Perfect Beach Cottage

We have long been a fan of Park Model Homes and tiny living. We have featured many of them on the site through the years. Two of our favorite featured some great beach theme decor ideas that we want to share!

For example, this Beach Cottage Chic Park Model Home offers a wonderful coastal feel on the exterior with a cool blue/gray color that reminds us of the ocean. The interior continues with the blue/gray color theme that is a great combination of cozy and airy. The goal of beach theme decor is to give the feel of an open space with tons of natural lights and light colors. This home hit the mark!

beach theme decor-park model interior
Wicker furniture screams coastal living.
beach theme decor-park model exterior
The color of this exterior reminds us of the ocean.

Next up is this Beach Themed 2017 Park Model Home that one of our readers sent in. From the moment you see the exterior of this Park Model home you know its a beach getaway (the flip-flops give it away). Step inside and you will see tons of beach theme decor throughout. But our favorites include the whitewashed look flooring and the coastal colors that the kitchen cabinets are trimmed in. Not to mention the beachy accessories scattered in the entire space.

beach theme decor-2017 kitchen
Awesome combination of whitewashed floors and beachy colored cabinets.
beach theme decor-2017 interior
This entire interior has the coastal feel.
beach theme decor-2017 exterior
Love these flip-flops!

Beach Themed Mobile Home Transformation 

If you are still looking for beach theme decor inspiration this transformation is stunning. The interior blends a nautical and beach look that created the perfect light and airy feel. The outside creates the ultimate entertaining space with plenty of seating and that nice gray/blue paint color on the exterior. It is a beauty!

beach theme decor-transformation living room
The color combination creates a beach feel without being overwhelming.
beach theme decor-transformation bedroom
Love the headboard accessory.
beach theme decor-transformation exterior
Perfect spot for entertaining.

Ideas to Inspire Your Own Beach Oasis

Maybe you want to add a little bit of beach to your mobile home decor but don’t want to spend too much money. A good place to start your beach oasis transformation could be a new coat of paint or perhaps a few coastal accessories to give your mobile home that beachy vibe. See some of our favorite Amazon picks below(these are just for inspiration, you can find really cute beach theme decor at places like Walmart and Dollar General):

beach theme decor-clock
Love this whitewashed look. #affiliate


beach theme decor-beach backsplash
Such attention to detail with the shells in the tiles. #affiliate


beach theme decor-pillow covers
Pillow covers are an inexpensive way to change up a room. #affiliate


beach theme decor-curtains
Curtains can make a drastic change to a room. #affiliate


Have a suggestion or tip on how to add a touch of the beach to your mobile home? Comment below and share with our readers! Watch for our next installment when we take a look at ways to incorporate Rustic Farmhouse decor into your mobile home.

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  1. Hi Lee Anne!

    I love a painted ceiling. It makes the entire room/space happier in my opinion. I looked at Behr’s Paint Color and think Praying Mantis or Wasabi would work well with your gorgeous pottery. Here’s the link to Behr.

    Let me know what you choose and PLEASE send photos! Thanks!

  2. I have doublewide where ceilings point high in the center. I want to paint the ceilings a color. Something to show case my prairie green frankoma pottery. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for the help
    Lee Anne Christner

  3. Hello. I thoroughly enjoy this beach themed home. I’m wanting to know a few stores where I can find some of these housewares and the outdoor furniture (white and blue) You might say its common items and furniture, but if that were true, I would have found it. I’m choosy on the furniture as I want the white and blue, but not the wicker (as I want to use it indoors). This is my problem. Can anyone direct me to a store?