9 Awesome Vintage Buses Converted Into Beautiful Mobile Homes

9 Awesome Vintage Buses Converted Into Beautiful Mobile Homes

Mobile homes come in all shapes and size, so do vintage buses. These vintage buses have all been converted into beautiful mobile homes!

In my opinion, you can call anything a mobile home as long as the unit is mobile and has an area for sleeping, eating, and/or living and buses are a great option for anyone wanting their own mobile home.

Buses are perfect for those that want to live in or just travel in an affordable home.

9 Awesome Vintage Buses

Bus 1: Hank Bought a Bus

The first bus was bought by Hank so it was fitting that he calls his website ‘Hank Bought a Bus’ at hankboughtabus.com. Hank is a soon-to-be architect and paid $3000 for the bus and spent approximately $6,000 in updating the bus into a beautiful living space.

With a living space of 225 sq ft, Hank created convertible furniture to make the most of every inch. You can read more about the bus conversion and his travels here.

vintage buses-bus exterior

vintage buses-bed conversion

vintage buses-interior conversion

vintage buses-interior of bus after remodel

vintage buses-bed conversion

vintage buses-exterior shot of bus

Bus 2: 1997 Bluebird International

The second bus is a 1997 Bluebird International for sale on Tiny House Listings. It has 280 sq. feet of living space and all of it has been renovated. Natural wood take center stage along with a great wood stove.

This bus can be yours for $15,000. That seems like a fair price for such a lovely mobile home.

vintage buses-1997 Bluebird International full length school bus turned into a beautiful mobile home
vintage buses-layout of 1997 Bluebird International full length school bus conversion into mobile home
vintage buses-custom cabinetry in 1997 Blue Bird Bus conversion to mobile home
vintage buses-built in dining table with custom woodwork in 1997 Bluebird International bus
vintage buses-star burst custom table in 1997 Bluebird International full length school bus conversion into a mobile home
vintage buses-sofa in 1997 Bluebird International bus converted into a mobile home
vintage buses-sink in 1997 Bluebird International full length school bus to mobile home conversion
vintage buses-wood counter top in 1997 Bluebird International bus conversion
vintage buses-updated vintage stove in 1997 Bluebird International bus conversion
Bus 3: The Cosmic Collider

The Cosmic Collider is one of the most unique and beautiful vintage bus conversions I’ve ever seen!

The owner, Ryan Lovelace, a surfboard artist, took advantage of the extended roof of the original bus and continued the design to make a 2nd story sleeping loft! You can read all about Ryan’s surfboard talents and travels on his blog, PC Progress. You can see more photos of The Cosmic Collider here.

Bus 4: Enchanted Gypsy

There’s not much I can say about this gorgeous bus called the Enchanted Gypsy except that she is a beauty! The entire space is gorgeous and has so many great details that you’ll see something new every time you peak at the photos.

You can read all about the vintage bus and the owners on their blog here.

Bus 5: Life As a Bus

I found this awesome vintage bus conversion on Imgur, a photo sharing site. It’s a beautiful example of the possibilities that buses have. This space is a comfortable mix of modern and vintage. You’d certainly be riding and living in style in this bus!

Bus 6: The Emerald Gypsy

The Emerald Gypsy was featured on Tiny House Swoon and it is definitely swoon-worthy!

The beauty is understated and simple, but it will leave an everlasting impression on everyone that lays eyes upon it.

Bus 7: 1978 International Bus

There’s no witty name for this bus (at least not when it went viral from its Craigslist post) but it’s so beautiful it doesn’t really need one. Here’s how the owner described the bus on the original listing:

Beautiful, 1978 International, 35′ bus with custom, all-wood interior, full kitchen and living space, wood stove, and roof deck (everything but a bathroom).

– Bamboo floor
– Pine tongue-n-groove ceiling
– Oak kitchen cabinets with Boos maple butcher-block counter tops
– Designer sink & faucet
– 20″ range – and there’s room to replace it with a 25″ range
– Pine-board closet & pine shelves
– Wood stove
– Fully insulated
– Fir deck on roof

The listing was updated to state that a couple bought the bus and has made it their home in the North Cascades.

Bus 8: New Zealand House Truck

There’s not much written about the following ‘house truck’ but I loved the idea of converting a bus (or truck) into a permanent home, especially when it has such a unique vintage look. I found it on Flickr, uploaded by users Kemi & Niko. The description states:

My mothers house truck converted to permanent house in a small forest in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Main entrance to inside the truck, unfortunately I didn’t think to get any photos of the interior.

Bus 9: Modern Bus Turned Mobile Home

The last of the vintage buses we want to share is another beauty with little known about it. The original article only states that it is in Israel and that 2 ladies own it and customized it in a gorgeous modern style.

It’s luxurious, stylish, and mobile. I don’t think it gets any better than that!

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  • Janice June 15, 2018 11:37 am

    Wow, what an awesome collection of vintage – and not so vintage – buses! It’s just amazing what one can do to convert these into living space. So much character. So fun!

  • Lindsey Crawford April 6, 2018 8:38 pm

    My husband Sean Crawford built bus number #7. We lived in it with our first son. Our name for it was “The bus” 🙂


  • deb March 14, 2018 8:39 pm

    is there a site some where where folks can buy van and buses already renovated cool like these, but for sale? I dont have the time or health to do one myself, but I do have the money.Im hoping some folks sell them when they have a change in life.Im looking for a smaller one, a van preferably under 20ft long. Thanks

    • Crystal Adkins October 28, 2018 2:49 pm

      Hi Deb!

      I would love to own a vintage bus someday! I don’t know of a single source for vintage buses but you can use the information bluebird article and create some keyword searches that should garner some good results. I would set up searches such as ‘blue bird’ or ‘bus remodel’ or something similar. Hope that helps! (I’ve answered this comment before but my system doesn’t seem to be acknowledging it so please look over it if you’ve alreay read a reply)


  • Peggy Haddaway February 19, 2017 8:37 am

    I have a serious question. on average what is the difference
    In cost and types of insurance between renovated buses and mobile home and pickup? Owners know more about that

  • Tiffanei April 24, 2016 8:04 am

    Hi I love the website! Can you include more info on how the process works and cheap ways to renovate and revamp? I want to do this but don’t have carpentry skills so after buying the bus, then what? Lol. Are showers and bathrooms compost or are they what you’d fund in traditional home? Does bus have to be stationed somewhere for cooking, cleaning, water access, etc? Thanks

    • Crystal Adkins April 26, 2016 3:14 pm

      Hi Tiffanei!

      I’ll do my best! I’ve only restored campers and mobile homes, not buses but I’m sure there’s enough resources online that I can get something together for you!

      Thanks so much for reading MHL!

  • Jeremy January 31, 2016 10:31 am

    Um hello, the cosmic collider with it’s lofted greenhouse. Best

  • Art Online Ukraine February 15, 2015 1:45 pm

    The Emerald Gypsy – best of the best! Like it!

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