Beautiful Remodeled Manufactured Home for Sale

Paradise Cove, CA, is notorious for being the home of multi-million dollar manufactured homes. Currently, several mobile homes and manufactured homes are for sale in the park that has crossed the million-dollar mark, and the rest are at least half a million dollars. The HOA  fees are around 2 thousand a month, regardless of how much you pay for the home. It’s the old real estate mantra ‘location, location, location at its finest.

However, there’s no question or doubt that these homes are beautiful. You are paying for location but also the history of the park and the area, the Hollywood star neighbors, and the beautiful homes. And they are gorgeous! The only true difference between these homes and a site-built home is that they have a steel chassis under them. Most have been remodeled so many times they have at least 2×6 studs. You aren’t paying a million dollars for some junky house sitting beside the beach, after all.

This is a dream home for all SoCal Home Buyers, that’s for sure!

A Look At This Beauty

Vaulted ceilings and recessed lighting are great features for any home. The single wooden beam breaks up the white and gives the room a little more warmth.

I found this beautiful remodeled manufactured home for sale on Redfin. I love the minimal style!

remodeled manufactured home for sale 3
remodeled manufactured home for sale 4
remodeled manufactured home for sale 5
remodeled manufactured home for sale 6

An open kitchen with high-end appliances provides a great place to cook and socialize.

remodeled manufactured home for sale 7
remodeled manufactured home for sale 8
remodeled manufactured home for sale 9
remodeled manufactured home for sale 10

I love the splash of color they used on bathroom cabinet!

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remodeled manufactured home for sale 11

This office is a drastic change from the rest of the home’s style and seems like a perfect place to get some business done.

remodeled manufactured home for sale 12

The grey stucco looks great with the wood accents. They carried the wooden accents throughout the interior and exterior to give the home a cohesive style without making it obvious.

remodeled manufactured home for sale

If you have an extra $647,000 along with $1750 dollars a month for the HOA fee, this home could be yours!

I love seeing beautiful manufactured homes regardless of how much they cost! It inspires me, and I hope it inspires you as well. You could remodel your own home to look like this. It’s a simple matter of cleaning the lines up and keeping the materials as simple as possible. Let white be your base on the walls and ceilings, and use an accent color.

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Hi Shirlee! I’m sure you’ll sell your beautiful home soon! It’s been a weird year with lots of ups and downs so hopefully next year will be better for us all. I wish you the best! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the monthly fees but with the price of the home and it being California, I’m guessing that’s normal (?). Not a huge fan of this one, it looks like a bachelor pad and the rug in the living room looks like it has a huge stain. But, it does have some nice features such as the rustic ceiling beam, the doors that lead directly outside and I too like the pop of colour on the vanity.

    We haven’t sold our home yet and our contract expires soon. We’ll keep it off the market over winter as it’s a bad time to sell here, not that this summer has seen much action. Slow, slow, slow in small town Alberta. By the time we do sell and downsize to a manufactured home, I’ll have lots of ideas from your posts. Still loving that double wide you featured a while back, the one with the vintage red dining set and yellow kitchen.


  3. I love to hear that the blog is helping!! I started it cause I couldn’t find much inspiration online when we bought our single wide. Luckily, others had the same meed 🙂 I hope to keep adding more and more to it. Maybe when you get all settled in you could share yours, too! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  4. I am so happy to have found your blog! We will be transitioning over the next year to another city……in a smaller home. Your blog has given me so many great ideas!

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