Mobile Home Pest Control

When certain pests enter a home, they can cause a variety of damage and discomfort. Mobile homes are just as vulnerable to pests as any other home. Keeping pests out of a mobile home can prove difficult since there is a lot of space for the tiny creatures to access the interior part of the home. Pest removal services can sometimes be costly, but they can be effective as a last resort if your initial attempts to remove the pests on your own don’t work. Homes without pests are certainly more pleasant environments.


Pest control begins when you attempt to cut off the entry points to the home. Mobile homes are challenging in this regard. One of the strategies you can use involves mothballs. Many animals and creatures hate the odors and particles that are given off by mothballs. Instead of trying to invade your home, they may turn in another direction. Bits of pepper also seem to deter pests. Hotter peppers like cayenne peppers are great to place under your home to keep pests at bay. These natural traps are great ideas when you first realize you have a pest problem.

Make Sure Your Home is Pest Proof

You must also make sure the skirting around the home has been installed properly and tightly. Since you don’t have a foundation for the home, the skirting acts as a barrier to keep ants out of the property. Snakes, cockroaches, scorpions, and even more tiny animals are also deterred by quality skirting. The skirting is usually made of plastic, but it can protect the home as long as there aren’t any cracks or holes in it. Once the pests find a way in, the bothersome critters will be difficult to contain. Proper skirting usually guards the home against invasions by pesky creatures you’d rather not see.

Pest Control Company 

The final option for pest removal is to call a pest control company. If this becomes necessary, it’s likely that your house has become a larger target for bunches of critters. A company can help exterminate the pests that are present now, and they can also help you fix the weaknesses that allowed the pests to enter in the first place. Moving into a new mobile home should prompt a visit by a control specialist so that he or she can survey the vulnerabilities in your home as well as the possibilities of current infestations. It only takes a little effort, but mobile home pest control makes a home much cleaner and more comfortable. 

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