Mentions Mobile Home Living!

I never imagined that one day Mobile and Manufactured Home Living would be mentioned on one of my all-time favorite DIY resources,, but it was!

This is another great example of mobile and manufactured homeowners finally getting the attention we deserve. Our stories are being heard and our lifestyle is becoming less stigmatized. Each article on a large site is another step forward!

A huge thank you to the writer, Jane Dagmi, for giving mobile homeowners a chance to shine! A big thank you to, as well, for recognizing mobile homes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The article features 9 great mobile home makeovers, most of which have been featured here on Mobile and Manufactured Home Living. Go Read it now:

Before and After: 9 Totally Amazing Mobile Home Makeovers

bob villa


They rebuild and restyle their factory-assembled interiors from the chassis up, often chronicling their remodeling recipes—a blend of aesthetics, power tool prowess, ingenuity, and secondhand shopping savvy—on their blogs, while loyal readers eagerly await each new reveal. [highlight color=#3f6b33 ]Crystal Adkins, editor at Mobile Home Living, covers lots of DIY mobile home remodeling projects on her site. She often concludes that had she not told her readers that these are manufactured homes, they never would have known. Is she right? Take a look at a few choice mobile home makeovers and judge for yourself.[/highlight]

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

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  1. doug dusch says

    would you know of anyone that remodels mobile homes in the palm harbor florida area we want to buy a particular home that really could use a once over

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Doug,

      I’m sorry I don’t know anyone in that area. Call your local mobile home supply store and ask the clerks for a recommendation. They deal with contractors that work with mobile homes everyday and it’s pretty easy to recognize those that understand mobile homes.

      Best of luck! Take photos for us!

  2. david a.mourino says

    I would love to have a log home but a makeover of a doublewide into a loghome would be just as good or better please give advise,suggestions and quide me I would appreciate it thank you godspeed

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi David!

      Take a look at this double wide turned log cabin:

      They installed log siding and capped it off with a new roof and porch. It completely transformed the home!

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