Our 2nd issue of Vintage Mobile Homes Throwback Thursdays takes a look at 1961. It was another great year for mobile homes! Lots of great advancements and beautiful homes were being cranked out.

If you missed last weeks installment you can see it here: Vintage Mobile Homes of 1953.

Modern Mechanix, a great blog with a few vintage mobile homes shared the following article/advertisement for the Frontier Homes Ten foot wide home with a fold out living room.

Ten feet wide so it can travel on highways, a new mobile home has hinged walls that swing out to form a 14 by 14-foot living room. In addition, it has two bedrooms, a bath, and a kitchen.

The unique design gives the living room a door facing forward in the middle of the trailer and allows more wall space in the room for furniture and more floor space.

The Frontier 200 is legal wherever 10-foot-wides are legal, according to Frontier Homes Corp., 102 S. 32nd Ave., Omaha, Neb.
vintage mobile homes-mobile home with fold out

The Roadliner Duble-Wide was a new advancement for the industry and the company. The homes were getting bigger and better! As far as vintage mobile homes are concerned, most of us die-hard vintage fans will tell you that the golden years for mobile homes were between 1936 and 2014.

Once the homes progressed from 8 foot to 10 foot, the family car was no longer a possible transportation mode and consumers were confused. In the February 1961 issue of Trailer Life, the editor spoke of the consumer confusion in depth.  They had seen the family V8’s pulling homes of all lengths and unless they were keeping up with events in the mobile home industry they probably weren’t aware that the 10 foot wide homes required over-sized load permits and special trucks. It was this transition that helped the homes cross the line from a travel trailer to the permanent home. However, it took the public a while to figure it all out. Once they did, it was smooth sailing!

vintage mobile homes-61 dubl wide roadliner

The double wide was getting popular but so were room additions for single wides. Companies used all kinds of different names for them, Roadliner happened to call the one below the ‘add a room.’

vintage mobile homes-1961 el monte

Bole Aero had been in the game for a while by 1961. The home was a typical design for the year.

vintage mobile homes-1961 boles aero

Retirement communities became popular in the early 1950s, by the early 1960s, there was a park for every income level. The one below was an all inclusive park in AZ.

vintage mobile homes-1961 community sales

The Universal by Terra Cruiser Trailer Coach Company was a popular model.

vintage mobile homes-1961 universal futuristic model 55

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