Quick and Easy DIY Farmhouse Christmas Coasters

Farmhouse isn’t just about decor. Farmhouse is a lifestyle that rebels against the modern materialistic use-once-and-throw-away world we’ve created. It’s a rollback to simplicity and homemade.

These quick and easy DIY farmhouse Christmas coasters are a perfect example of the farmhouse lifestyle. They are simple and reuse items that otherwise may have been thrown away or put in storage to be forgotten about.

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Coasters

Super easy with few supplies needed. Makes a cute addition to any farmhouse or coastal decor.

First, play some Christmas music and gather your supplies.

Even if you have to buy everything new for these DIY farmhouse Christmas coasters you’ll still spend less than $10 and that will make several sets of 4. You can use just about any kind of rope but jute is probably the easiest to work with and find.

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Masking tape
  • 8 meters of 6mm Jute rope
  • Acrylic Paint of your choice and a brush

Step 2 Start Wrapping the Jute

Form a tight circle by wrapping the jute rope around itself. Dot glue between the rows and allow drying before wrapping the next row.

Step 3 Continue Wrapping

A dot of hot glue every inch or so and allowed to dry should keep it easy to work with. Stop at the desired size though keep in mind

Step 4 Allow to Dry and tape off the pain Line

Once the rope has dried your ready to paint. Tape off the section you want to paint, usually right down the middle looks best but get creative.

Step 5 Paint and Then Paint Again

The jute will soak up the paint so give it a good even first coat but don’t go too heavy. You can get the color you want with the next coat. Let the coats dry well before painting again.

Step 6 Remove the Tape and Seal

If you have Mod Podge give it a quick seal it with a couple of coats but it isn’t necessary. Worn paint and imperfections are what the farmhouse style is all about.

Step 8 Wrap and Give

After the paint or Mod Podge has dried you can wrap up your DIY farmhouse Christmas coasters and give them as a gift and spread some Christmas joy.

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