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Double Wide Exterior Gets a Fresh New Look

A couple of weeks ago we shared Holly and Tim’s interior remodeling project. This week, its the double wide exterior that got a complete makeover.

Holly and Tim’s Story

Holly and Tim bought their 1993 Clayton double wide back in 1998, with plans to build on the property and live in the mobile home temporarily during construction. But, life had other plans and 20+ years later they were still in the same home without having made many changes. After some discussion, the couple decided to scrap the idea of building and just transform their current home into their dream home.

Besides the many interior updates they made, they also knew that the double wide exterior needed some TLC as well. They decided on new siding, new windows, and to update the back deck and cover it.

Clayton double wide beforePin
It was a lovely home even before the update.

Tearing Off the Double Wide Exterior

The first step was to get rid of all the old siding that was on the home. They also removed the insulation that was under the siding. Next, they replaced the windows and made any repairs from water damage, etc.

Finally, new foam board insulation was installed before adding the new siding.

Clayton double wide before new sidingPin
The old siding was removed.
Clayton double wide no sidingPin
The mobile home exterior is stripped down.
Double wide exterior during remodelPin
New insulation and siding going up!

The other project the couple wanted to tackle was replacing the back deck and covering it. All the old decking boards were removed and replaced, and a roof was added.

Clayton double wide exterior building porchPin
It can be tricky to add a roof to a mobile home.

New and Improved

The finished look of this double wide exterior is gorgeous. The couple added some outdoor furniture, a ceiling fan, and a shoe rack for their work boots to complete the look.

Double wide exterior porch afterPin
Perfect spot to relax after a long day.
Clayton double wide afterPin
Outdoor rugs add a nice touch.
Clayton double wide shoe storagePin
The family needed a spot to leave their dirty boots after a day of work on their horse farm.
Clayton double wide after with carportPin
Clayton double wide finishedPin
Shutters will be added later to complete the transformation.

Holly and Tim have done a great job turning what was supposed to be a temporary home into a forever home for themselves and their family. Holly tells us they still plan to make board and batten shutters stained in a deep cherry to match the front porch posts they replaced. Later, they might also consider adding a small insulated garage. They’re still debating on garage door size and I hope that they will share the result with us!

We are so glad that they shared their story with us!

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As always thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley

Kim Alley

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