Double Wide Exterior Remodel

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  1. Someone on gardenweb told me there were pictures of my house on here, I didnt know this site exsisted. I found gardenweb when I first bought the place and was looking for ideas. It has really been a lot of hard work and fun doing all the work. It is all almost entirely new. The real reward is when people drive or walk by and stop and say how great it looks now!

    1. HI!!!! I hope you don’t mind that I shared it. I always attempt to contact the homeowners privately since I don’t want to just be like “Hey, can I share your beautiful home on my blog?” in the public comments and it’s usually not allowed in forums. Your home looks just like I want my home to look eventually. Lovely use of materials. It’s gorgeous!

      Thanks so much for contacting me and for having such an awesome home for us to get inspired with.

  2. Gardenweb is the best platform to find new ideas. I am also the member of this community from last 3 years. They really provide the best to their members. But however you really did a great job. It looks perfect now.
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