I was recently introduced to a great blog called Front Porch Ideas and More. They feature beautiful porches on all types of homes and have lots of great tips and advice on the subject.

They also have a Pinterest Board for manufactured home porch ideas which is where I found the following photos and while lots of the homes were originally featured on Mobile Home Living, I had never thought to collect all the great porches we’ve had on here and put them in one collection. I owe Front Porch Ideas and More a great big thank you!

Porches – An American Tradition

Porches are an American tradition. Many of us were practically raised on a front porch, I know I sure was!  It was our family’s gathering place – the place we received life lessons, learned about our ancestors, and shared our dreams. I couldn’t imagine growing up without my grandparent’s porch!

Aside from being a great gathering place for family and neighbors,  porches have many other advantages – extended living space and energy savings are two of the best.

I think every home needs a porch, especially manufactured homes. Add a covered porch to a factory built home and you can make it look just like a traditional site-built home (if that’s what you want). It’s a great way to add depth and dimension to a house which is the most important element in curb appeal.

Adding a Porch to a Manufactured Home

Building a porch or deck onto a manufactured home is a bit easier than building onto a site built house. Since most areas don’t allow a true attachment to a manufactured home the building aspect is just a tad bit easier – you won’t have to modify the home much. The porch and roof will simply ‘butt against’ the home instead of being attached via framing. You should definitely check your local code before building!

Manufactured Home Porch Idea #1

This first example includes photos of the building process and was found on a great little blog called Butterfly Musings.

If your home is high enough off the ground your options for roofing are broadened. You can design the roof to simply continue down from the homes roof pitch which is what they did.


Manufactured Home Porch Idea #2

The single wide below was one of the first featured home that I featured on Mobile Home Living. It’s special to me because we bought our single wide without knowing the manufacturer so I began researching online and came across this home – its an almost exact replica of our home! You can read more about this home here and here.

This single wide has a combination porch and deck that circles around the home. It’s perfect because this home happens to be right beside a beautiful river and the view is awesome!



Manufactured Home Idea #3

This next double wide manufactured home has a beautiful porch! Faux rock panels are used on the columns and it really makes a statement. This home was found on FauxPanels.com.


Manufactured Home Porch Idea #4

The single wide below is beautiful! Not only did it get new log siding but it also got a complete front porch. You can see the original home in the lower right corner – the transformation is gorgeous!  The image is from Modulog.com.


Manufactured Home Porch Idea #5

The website mentioned previously, Front Porch Ideas and More, featured this great double wide porch. It’s a traditional design but it does everything a porch needs to do – add dimension, keep rain away from the front door and extend living space. You can see the framework in the top image and the end result on the bottom.


Manufactured Home Porch Idea #6

This Cape Cod style manufactured home was found on Realtor.com and can be bought for $159,000. Not only is the porch awesome but the landscaping makes it even more beautiful. Notice the curved sidewalk, the owners really used lines to their advantage, curved and straight lines.


Manufactured Home porch Ideas #7

One of my favorite blogs is My Hearts Song. Geneva and her husband have completely remodeled their single wide and the end result is spectacular. She does a great job of sharing their projects with her readers and answering questions. My Heart’s Song is a must-read blog for every manufactured homeowner.

This is their front porch construction and below is the porch beautifully decorated which is one of Geneva’s many talents. She can come decorate my home anytime!



Manufactured Home Porch Idea #8

The double wide below is one of the most popular featured homes here on Mobile Home Living. It’s a great home with lots of customization, including a wrap-around porch that runs the entire length of the front of the home and the width. You can read all about the home here.

Manufactured Home Porch Idea #9

Did you know that Better Homes and Gardens once featured a single wide remodel in their magazine? We featured it here on Mobile Home Living too! One of the weird things about the feature was the fact that BHG called the home a trailer house –  I just always thought that was weird (and sorta rude – why couldn’t it just be a mobile home?) Anyway, it’s a gorgeous home that went through an extensive remodel but the end result is astonishing.

Here’s the home in the midst of construction. The owners added double the square footage with the addition of a screened in front porch and roof-over.

The single wide after the porch and roof-over has been completed:

The interior of the covered and screened in porch:

Here’s the home from a distance with the woodlands landscaping:

There are 9 great manufactured home porch ideas for you. There’s lots more on the Front Porch Ideas and More Pinterest board and I’ll try to add another article with a few more. If you have a great porch or deck on your mobile or manufactured home please share it with us – we can always use more ideas and inspirations!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!