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3 Easy Ways To Carve Out a Home Office in Your Mobile Home

These days more and more workers are choosing a home office rather than the typical office setting. But when you live in a mobile home that can be quite a challenge, especially in smaller homes. Just last week we shared a 1963 Budger remodel that included a storage shed that had been rehabbed into a home office. But if a storage building isn’t available you can try one of these 3 easy ways to help you carve out some workspace without taking up your valuable living space.

all images found on Pinterest.

Repurpose a Closet

Of course, closets may be sparse in mobile homes, but if you do have an extra closet you can easily change it up into a home office without losing any living space. Keep in mind, you can remove the closet doors if you want to or you can close those doors and it can remain unseen. Take a look at some of the great examples we found on Pinterest!

Mobile home closet office | mobile home livingPin
Shelves and drawers give you plenty of storage.
Home office in closet | mobile home livingPin
Don’t forget to make use of the doors as well.
Home office in mobile home closet | mobile home livingPin
Very classy looking.

Get Creative

If there’s one thing that mobile homeowners are familiar with it’s being creative with their space.

Home office double desk | mobile home livingPin
These space-saving double desks aren’t oversized at all.
Home office built in | mobile home livingPin
Try repurposing those built-ins in your living room for a small workstation.

Add a Desk Space Under a Window

The space under your mobile home windows is usually a wealth of untapped space. However, it might be just right for a small desk. Not only will the window give you some extra natural light, but it will also give you home office space without taking up the room that you need for other furniture.

Home office in mobile home under windowPin
Take advantage of the wasted space under your windows.
Home office length of wall | mobile home livingPin
This wall is no longer wasted.
Window desk | mobile home livingPin
Just right for a small desk.

When thinking of a home office for your mobile home it’s important to keep an open mind. As long as you have room for a desk and a chair you can make it work. We don’t realize how much-unused space we have until we start thinking outside the box.

If you’re still looking for home office ideas be sure to check out our Pinterest board, you are sure to be inspired.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living.

Kim Alley

Kim Alley

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