affordable mobile home remodel - 1968 Landola single wide goes Retro (living room after)

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  1. You absolutely must see my remodeling!! Neighbors bring other neighbors to see! Susan Phoenix, az . 602-820-8256.

  2. I love the restoration I have a funny thing the cabinet doors over the fridge my 4 yr old said the cabinets are SAD I looked and chuckled but are those mobile home big enough to run a wheelchair to the bathroom and back and getting out to go to Dr appts .

    1. Hi Bruce,

      A newer manufactured home should have enough space for a wheelchair but older homes built before the ADA rules took effect probably won’t have wide enough walls or doors. I’m not 100% on that though and I think some states had rules about that before others.

  3. I have the same style window in my living room! Ours was already painted over in a light blue when we bought it. I have a 1966 herrli that was kept up well by the previous owner. I’m trying to get ideas for the kitchen and bathroom. What you did with your bathroom was so unique! Ours has PVC coated walls, and what seems to be lattice around the sink. I’m going to have to remove the entire 72 inch vanity just to remove it. ICK

  4. sounds like you gave in when DEALERS said they would,nt advertise if you did,nt change the name thought we had a special little thing just my opinion

    1. Hi Sal,

      I have never accepted dealer or builder advertising on this site. I did trademark Mobile Home Living but I did that was for simplicity’s sake. The name of the blog was way too long!

      Sorry, you feel that way.

  5. What is the size of his mobile home? We live in a 12×60 1971 Schult, I love living debt free but we still have some things to take care of … so I love looking at what others have done to their older mobile homes.

      1. Kirk,
        Beautiful job. Can you elaborate on what you used on the exterior. It looks brand new!



  6. So much fun! My husband and I may be moving into his grandfather’s small double wide with our two kids. It would be free and we could really pay down some student loan debt this way…but it’s a mobile home…I have been a little hesitant b/c I’ve never really liked mobile homes, but now that I’m seeing some really great ideas on how to remodel or even small budget “dress ups” I am getting a lot of inspiration and great ideas. I’m seeing a lot of potential. Thank you!

  7. Hello, Crystal! I’m planning a remodel of a 1959 Spartan 10 x 45 MH..some of the repairs that have to be done, roof, window stripping/gaskets, and plumbing..I’m needing to correct with the best materials and procedures possible as they involve water and leaking possibilities. Can you less me to the right person? I’m a single Mom, needing a simple life. Thank you!

  8. Love Kirks home, we did the the same with a $1000 1974 Mobile, it was a wreck, we had new Windows, new bathroom, new plumbing and electricity, new walls, we are still working on the kitchen but people can’t believe what we have accomplished, would of been done sooner, but with the loss of our daughter and money being tight , we have a nice place, I would love to send you pics

  9. Inspiring! I just walked through a $425K home yesterday (a friend is the Realtor selling the home). Your trailer certainly has more character! Dream on!

    1. Thank you so much – I’ve never done anything like this before it was trial and error but lots of fun!

  10. What an amazing home! I love the kitchen…it’s beautiful!
    And the vintage (haha, from my childhood) telephone in the living room is absolutely perfect!