4 Fabulous Manufactured Homes Perfect For Starting Out

There’s no doubt there are advantages to buying a manufactured home if you are just starting out. These 4 fabulous manufactured homes we are sharing today can offer all the same features found in stick-built homes, but at a much more affordable price.

Keep in mind that the starting price for these homes are without any upgrade options and some of the images we are sharing include what the homes would look like with the upgrades.

The Park View 314P

Our first home is a variation of the popular Park View model from Oak Creek Homes. This version features the addition of a 6-foot covered porch on the end of the home. An open floor plan as well as the HVAC vents installed in the ceiling rather than the floor makes this a great first-time home.

With the added porch, the entrance is also on the end.
Room for dinette and breakfast bar.
Nice combination of open shelves and cabinets.
Transom windows add natural light to the bath.
fabulous manufactured homes park view porch
Small covered porch is a nice addition.
The floor plan is a great way to see the home before buying.

3 Bedroom/2 Bath Satisfaction

Our second home is the Satisfaction manufactured by Clayton Homes. At 1264 square feet this home is priced in the $90,000’s for the basic model, which is a very affordable option for a small family. The home also features a split floor plan with 2 bedrooms on one end and the master bedroom on the other.

The interior is pretty standard in this home.
Open kitchen space is a plus.
The right landscaping completes a home.
The size of these rooms aren’t bad at all.

The 1959

If setup space is an issue, the 1959 from Oakwood homes may be just the fabulous manufactured home you are looking for. At 1216 square feet and with a base price in the low $100’s this home offers 3 bedrooms, a split floor plan, and is an affordable fit for a smaller piece of property.

Rustic interior completes this design.
Cute kitchen space.
You could easily add a permanent foundation to this home.

The Cool Breeze

Our final fabulous manufactured home has a starting price in the $100’s before adding any options and it includes:

  • Drywall interior
  • Split bedrooms
  • Open floor plan
  • Double bathroom sinks

We have to say this is one gorgeous starter home!

Drywall changes the look of this home.
The blue really makes this interior pop.
A nice covered porch will complete this home.

Although these are fabulous manufactured homes, especially if you are just starting out, keep in mind that there are always upgrades you can upgrade to as well. Last week we put together 5 Top Customizations To Consider When Purchasing A New Manufactured Home that you might want to consider.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with a manufactured home!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living®.