Arlington - modern manufactured home design

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  1. Really like the remodel. I like the autumn colours and very modern and clean. Thanks for sharing. I especially like the pendants.

  2. i have been wanting to expand my manufacture home my husband does new home for a living not sure who can do the floor plans?

    1. Hi Melissa,

      You should be able to find a pre-drawn floor plan online for a good price. Since the addition is a separate structure that is only ‘butted’ up to the manufactured home you can have just about any floor plan you want.

      Best of luck!

  3. The floor plan is almost perfect. I would love sheetrock walls, though. Also, I like the dark siding, so I think it would look great with just that color. I really like this, and could live in it quite comfortably. Oh, one other thing; the garden tub is a pain. We have one in our house now, and we just have to dust it every week. My wife has bad knees and this is not practical for her.

    1. I am in process of ordering a palm harbor its the new line 2017 model called the santa fe this only has the seems on the walls in the bedrooms rest is sheet rock and instead of a tub in the master it has a beautiful walk in shower .. you have to check it out. I have bad knees too and so much of this house is like mine. I think you would love it.

  4. Looks nice, but the wood “beams” are real throwback to the 70s “Homette” my parents owned in a resident mobile/land owned subdivision in Newport Or.

    Also am not a fan of the exposed wall panel fitting seams and trimming.. The texture and tape offered by many manufacturers makes the walls look more integrated. My humble opinion.

    I’m all for the “trailer” cues in older homes, they’re fun to me. They just seem out of place from such a builder as Pal Harbor.

  5. We just purchased some land and a double-wide. I love the place we purchased our home from, because you get to help design it. For instance; I chose a floor plan, then I changed what ever I didn’t like. I added an extra window in the dining room, took away the two windows in the den and replace them with faux french doors. I added windows to both bathrooms, and smooth-top stove/oven, a European style vent over the stove, and a fireplace under the TV mount in the den. I’ll stop there, but there were quite a few more changes. It was so nice being able to personalize my new home! They will be finished building it in about 2 1/2 weeks; I can’t wait to use some of your ideas to further make it a warm place to live! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Still no drawers above the cabinet doors in the kitchen. Grrr. At least the master bedroom door isn’t located directly in the living room. I would have the exterior customized with regular siding, etc and a better roofline so that it looked less “trailery”/”doublewide-ish”.