Vintage Trailers- 1949 Palace Royale (13)

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  1. Hi Crystal been a while since we talked! I’m up to 14 vintage campers and restoring full time! Check out back to glory camper restoration on Facebook!

    1. Are you kidding me!?!? Wow! You are living the dream! I’d love to get you on the blog someday (hint, hint). Email me at crystal adkins at sometime. I have questions…lots and lots of questions…lol

  2. Hey, so glad i found you, my handicaped daughter and i live in a 1953 gold crown palace mobile home that i grew up in and now have restored, as close as possible, and still make it handicapped assesable and we love it. My most expensive electric bill was $57 and we live in SC where it gets very hot. It still had all the original appliances but because of regulations i was not able to use because they would not turn on my power or hook up the propane until i got a new stove which made me upset but a girl has to do what a girl has to do to care for her child so i got rid of my beautiful turquoise stove and replaced it with anothr propane stove (newer model that passed code) i am so glad to see others that are enjoying their ventage mobile homes as much as i am ……this is the good life !

  3. Hi crystal my name is Art just finished restoring a 1962 shasta airflyte! I be leave it is rare because it has a very unique floor plan and a bathroom! After completing I found my new passion addicting and found a1960 shasta airflyte in very good condition. Now I found a 1940s palace royale! Only problem is witch one to part with ! I have 4 campers and something has to go.

      1. Hello again crystal! It’s Art again.I’ve decided awhile back to turn my passion into my own business. People loved my workmanship so I started Back to glory camper restoration check it out on Facebook! I have sence restored several campers and grown my personal fleet with some really neat rare ones like the 1949 palace royale and a 1952 lighthouse duplex double decker! Also a 50’s feild and stream and 55 trotwood along with a 60-two 63 and a 54 all shastas! Love restoring them and bringing them back to glory!