Vintage Mobile Home Series – 1949 Palace Royale

Truly awesome vintage trailers for sale are rare, especially those that have have been carefully restored to their original glory like this 1949 Palace Royale.

About Palace Royale Trailers

The Palace Corporation was a popular trailer builder in the 1940’s and 50’s. The company hailed out of Flint, Michigan and is known for a few specific details; One of the most well-known features of a Palace was their use of a round port window on the front door. Another feature they used in early models was an all steel body assembled (much like an automobile). This 1949 Palace Royale has both of these features.

The Atlas Mobile Home Directory has a few listings for Palace Corporation. Here’s an advertisement they feature on their site for a 1947 Palace:

1947 Palace vintage trailer ad

 Vintage Trailers for Sale – Restored 1949 Palace Royale

This 1949 Palace is one of the most recent vintage trailers for sale on eBay. The listing price was $26,000 or best offer. The owner accepted the best offer though the agreed upon amount was not released.

This 1949 Palace Royale has been beautifully restored and is a perfect example of the beauty that is vintage trailers. Here’s how the seller described the home:

This is a rare vintage 1949 Palace 24′ Royale that’s been lovingly restored. It is super clean and looks stunning! It literally turns heads from blocks away! The trailer has been restored to be original as possible while adding some important updates.

We disassembled the trailer down to the wall studs and open frame.  We then repaired and replaced from the bottom up, including new insulation, subfloor and wiring.  Most of the cabinets are original with their great hardware.  This restoration was not intended to make the trailer like new, but to repair the issues and maintain the vintage look and feel of the trailer. We replaced all of the window seals and all of the unique window openers work great.

It is lightweight at 4,260 lbs and can be towed easily behind any medium sized tow capable vehicle! It is very warm and inviting with a front queen sleeper sofa, full center kitchen and a rear bedroom with a full size bed! We added a very small bathroom with a toilet and a shower.  We also added gray and black tanks along with a fresh water tank and water pump for camping convenience.   It has a beautiful kitchen setup with the original oven and a period correct refrigerator and lots of storage!

The seller also listed all the restorations and replacements they done to the trailer:

1) Exterior and interior paint
2) Axle, brakes and tires
3) Electric breaker box and 2 circuits
4) Hot water heater
5) Fresh, gray and black tanks
6) Dometic porcelain toilet
7) Plumbing lines, faucets, water pump
8) Dual propane tanks, gas lines
9) Insulation (most)
10) Ceramic tile backsplash
11) Vintage style awning
12) Custom curtains
13) Electric space heater
14) Freshwater hose and waste hose

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (19)

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Exterior Images of 1949 Palace Royale Vintage Trailer for Sale

Vintage Trailers for Sale- 1949 Palace Royale (5)

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Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (3)

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (4)

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Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (1)

Interior Images of 1949 Palace Royale 

The late 1940s was a time of renewal and peace in the US. After WWII, the country experienced a severe housing shortage and trailers was getting used as full-time housing, as opposed to temporary housing or camping. You can read more about that time here:

Trailers of the 1940’s – How the Mobile Home Got Its Stigma

Vintage Trailers for Sale- 1949 Palace Royale (8)

Wood paneling was used often in the early model trailers and campers. The interior restoration of this home is exquisite. Every detail is perfect!

Vintage Trailers for Sale- 1949 Palace Royale (12)

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (6)

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Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (15)

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (16)

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (11)

Vintage Trailer Beauties- 1949 Palace Royale (20)

Buying Vintage Trailers for Sale

If you are in the market for your own vintage trailer there are a few things you should keep in mind. Cost is usually based on the restoration. If the trailer has been completely restored in period-specific materials you can expect to pay a premium.

If you want to save money it’s probably best to buy a trailer that needs to be restored and do it yourself. This gives you the ability to spend money a little at a time and control every aspect of the restoration.

Do you have a vintage trailer or mobile home? We’d love to see it!

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Are you kidding me!?!? Wow! You are living the dream! I’d love to get you on the blog someday (hint, hint). Email me at crystal adkins at sometime. I have questions…lots and lots of questions…lol

  2. Hi Crystal been a while since we talked! I’m up to 14 vintage campers and restoring full time! Check out back to glory camper restoration on Facebook!

  3. Hello again crystal! It’s Art again.I’ve decided awhile back to turn my passion into my own business. People loved my workmanship so I started Back to glory camper restoration check it out on Facebook! I have sence restored several campers and grown my personal fleet with some really neat rare ones like the 1949 palace royale and a 1952 lighthouse duplex double decker! Also a 50’s feild and stream and 55 trotwood along with a 60-two 63 and a 54 all shastas! Love restoring them and bringing them back to glory!

  4. Hey, so glad i found you, my handicaped daughter and i live in a 1953 gold crown palace mobile home that i grew up in and now have restored, as close as possible, and still make it handicapped assesable and we love it. My most expensive electric bill was $57 and we live in SC where it gets very hot. It still had all the original appliances but because of regulations i was not able to use because they would not turn on my power or hook up the propane until i got a new stove which made me upset but a girl has to do what a girl has to do to care for her child so i got rid of my beautiful turquoise stove and replaced it with anothr propane stove (newer model that passed code) i am so glad to see others that are enjoying their ventage mobile homes as much as i am ……this is the good life !

  5. Hi Arthur!

    Now that’s a problem I would love to have! I’d probably keep the rarest and part with the other while this vintage camper trend is still going strong, before demand and prices start going down.

    I’d love to see (and share) your work! My email is [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you!

  6. Hi crystal my name is Art just finished restoring a 1962 shasta airflyte! I be leave it is rare because it has a very unique floor plan and a bathroom! After completing I found my new passion addicting and found a1960 shasta airflyte in very good condition. Now I found a 1940s palace royale! Only problem is witch one to part with ! I have 4 campers and something has to go.