French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home

This gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home is spectacular! It’s a true French country gourmet kitchen with all the bells and whistles.

This manufactured home, in Albuquerque, NM, proves you can have a dreamy gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home, regardless of the size, the make, or the age of the home.

Spectacular Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home

We spend a lot of time in kitchens so it makes sense to make the space exactly how you want it. That’s exactly what the owner of this double wide manufactured home did:

French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home

As you walk toward the kitchen from the living room you are met with a gorgeous slab of granite wrapped with beautifully detailed cabinetry. You can see from the start that this kitchen is a work of art. Very functional art.

French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - breakfast bar

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What is a Gourmet Kitchen? 

Trulia describes a gourmet kitchen as “a kitchen with professional appliances…. Easy-to-clean surfaces, and storage for specialty items. A spice collection. The kitchen should be set up by stations where to prepare food, cook, clean and serve food. A big variety of good quality professional pots.

And this gourmet kitchen has it all!

French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - center island
Custom panels hide the dishwasher located in the island. Dentil molding is used on the panels and throughout the gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home.
Molding can be one of the easiest ways to add depth and detail to any room.
French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - panels and molding
Santa Cecilia granite with a waterfall edging was used for the countertops in this gorgeous gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home.
The rich colors play off the custom cabinetry perfectly.

Creating a Functional Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home 

This gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home is as functional as it is beautiful. The owner was able to create a true chef’s space by incorporating smart features into her kitchen remodel.
Space is always an issue in kitchens so you may need to get creative.
The owner has put every inch of her kitchen to work. For instance, pullout spice racks were installed on both sides of the stove. Of course, these cabinets were all custom built but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something similar.
French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - spice racks
There are wire and wood racks with wheels available in many home improvement and big box stores. You could attach a board or spindle on one side to make the rack less obvious and give the kitchen a custom look.
French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - pullout storage

All the cabinets and pull outs are designed for optimal storage and convenience.

Pull out racks for small appliances give each item a home that is out of sight yet, easily easy to get to. The appliances are already plugged in and ready to go, all she has to do is open the cabinet and pull! Each cabinet pull out can hold up to 100 pounds!

French Country Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home - pullout tracks for small appliances

gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home - closeup of exterior cabinets

True gourmet isn’t cheap but it can be done on a smaller budget

It’s not cheap to install granite, Dentil molding, or high-end appliances but it’s fairly easy to replicate the look with more affordable materials.

Choose More Affordable Materials

Instead of granite go with soapstone or concrete. There are so many great substitutes available. Here are HGTV’s 18 kitchen countertop ideas.

Used or Slightly Dented Appliances

Another way to create a gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home without spending a lot of money is to buy used or slightly damaged appliances. Small dents and scratches happen all the time on floor model displays and most can be repaired or at least hidden.

DIY instead of Hiring Experts

It’s always a good idea to hire professionals in many situations, but you can do a lot of work yourself to reduce costs. Demolition is a great DIY job that can save you a lot of money. Laying tile is not a difficult job if you have the right tools and saws. Painting is another great DIY project many homeowners can do.

Budget for a Wow Factor 

Every detail of this gourmet kitchen was planned to make it a reality.  The owner shopped for materials, appliances, and other decorative items on eBay to save money so she could spend the majority of her budget hiring a talented cabinet maker. Each cabinet was customized for the space and it shows. Spend your money on a wow factor or an area of the remodel that will make the biggest impact.

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gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home - high-end appliances

Summary: Creating a Gourmet Kitchen in a Manufactured Home

The owner originally shared her beautiful kitchen on the HGTV Rate My Space blog. She wanted a gourmet kitchen in her manufactured home and understood that it would be a challenge:

“I live in a manufactured home but wanted a gourmet kitchen. I knew it would be a challenge to get what I wanted so I hired a talented local cabinet maker to accomplish my dreams…As you probably have heard manufactured homes aren’t the easiest to remodel. (I) bought all appliances, sink, faucets on Ebay to keep costs down and I now enjoy all the bells & whistles of a custom kitchen!”

Follow this owner’s lead and plan the remodel down to the smallest detail. If you can afford to hire an expert cabinet maker that’s awesome but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Many home improvement centers can plan your cabinetry down to the centimeter and you can choose from many styles.

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gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home - closeup

If your dream is a gourmet kitchen with that French country and Tucson flair, this is a great example of what you can do in your own home. The owners absolutely nailed it!

Have you remodeled or created your own gourmet kitchen in a manufactured home? We would love to add it to our growing library of inspiration here on Mobile Home Living.

As always, thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful, we have been remodeling our 1991 Fleet Double wide mobile home. My kitchen & laundry room is next. I was looking for some ideas, your kitchen is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very nice! I just found this site because we are about to take on a remodel of our double wide we just purchased. I plan on blogging about it the whole way through, in the meantime I am enjoying this blog and it’s information. Thanks and once again great job on the kitchen – I say get what you want, that’s what i plan on doing!

  3. I especially love this kitchen because it’s mine:) I never mind sharing inspiration. I will be submitting more photos of our remodeled master bath and our backyard including in ground swimming pool:)

  4. I would've too! As soon as I saw this I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to share it. I've commented on the page, so maybe she'll see it and contact me. I always feel weird just asking if I can feature their home/interview them in the comments but I have no other way to get through to them. Hopefully, I'm not committing too many faux pa's (?spelling) in the process. I do that on whenever I find a great remodel there, too. I'm going to become known as the pushy ole lady from MMHL eventually..hahah!Thanks so much for commenting!


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