Gourmet Kitchen Breakfast Bar

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  1. Your kitchen is beautiful, we have been remodeling our 1991 Fleet Double wide mobile home. My kitchen & laundry room is next. I was looking for some ideas, your kitchen is perfect! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very nice! I just found this site because we are about to take on a remodel of our double wide we just purchased. I plan on blogging about it the whole way through, in the meantime I am enjoying this blog and it’s information. Thanks and once again great job on the kitchen – I say get what you want, that’s what i plan on doing!

  3. I especially love this kitchen because it’s mine:) I never mind sharing inspiration. I will be submitting more photos of our remodeled master bath and our backyard including in ground swimming pool:)

  4. amazing is this RV or a palace? :-) unbelievably awesome the most important thing is the space this is really wide and full furnished kitchen.
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  5. I would've too! As soon as I saw this I was ecstatic and couldn't wait to share it. I've commented on the page, so maybe she'll see it and contact me. I always feel weird just asking if I can feature their home/interview them in the comments but I have no other way to get through to them. Hopefully, I'm not committing too many faux pa's (?spelling) in the process. I do that on Houzz.com whenever I find a great remodel there, too. I'm going to become known as the pushy ole lady from MMHL eventually..hahah!Thanks so much for commenting!