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Habitaflex Offers Great Inspiration For Remodeling


Canadian prefabricated home manufacturer, Habitaflex, is a leader in pre-fab building. These homes are factory built and hauled in with a trailer, giving them the same basic design as our own manufactured homes. They do have great layouts and exterior embellishments which gives us a great way to get inspired and start planning our own remodels.

Habitaflex describes themselves best:

An entirely factory-built 38′ self-contained ship-ready module concept, Habitaflex redefines the notion of prefabrication and transportation into one single innovation. Habitaflex is born from the challenge of pre-building a cost-effective, compact and transport-friendly building solution. They can be unfolded, mixed-&-matched, interconnected, transported, relocated, and more interestingly, be exported easily and cost-effectively. Habitaflex folds ingeniously back into its own seafreight-approved container”

A Look at Habitaflex Designs


Window placement, porch or deck design, siding and trim combinations all have to be taken into consideration when remodeling or updating your manufactured home.


The major theme hitting modern models is moving the front entrance from the side of the home to one of the ends. The move immediately shifts the look of the home to that of the famous shotgun homes of New Orleans.

The high slant windows that run the height of the home is a great way to add a modern look to your home.

Wrap around porches are popular features in the south for good reason. It extends living space, helps keep the home cool and offers great embellishment. The above example has a very ornate design that hides the home and gives the eye a dramatic focal point.

Any of these fine Habitaflex homes would be a great option for those that want a bit more security in the equity earning department. However, these homes are not what some would consider affordable. We can always get inspiration from them though!

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