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Helpful Tips When Buying a Mobile Home in Idaho

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It’s important to have all the facts when you are thinking about purchasing a mobile home in your state. Our series continues this week with buying a mobile home in Idaho. You can find information about where to find awesome homes, how to make sure you are making the right purchase for your family, and what to do if you have any issues.

Interesting Facts About Mobile Home Living in Idaho

Did you know that Idaho is the 14th largest state in the United States? However, based on population it ranks 39th in the country. Which makes Idaho a prime place for the mobile home market. With amazing views and lots of open space now is a great time to consider buying a mobile home in Idaho. We found these other interesting statistics as well:

The average price of a pre-owned home: $95140
Average model year of a pre-owned home: 2016
Pre-owned home average size in square feet: 1327
Average sites in a manufactured home community: 72
The average year a community was developed: 1990
Number of age-restricted communities: 36
Number of all-age communities: 190

Buying A Mobile Home In Idaho Double Wide With Landscaping
Landscaping is an important element to any home.

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Things to Know When Buying a Mobile Home in Idaho

Before the Purchase

It’s no secret that mobile homes offer a great housing option at an affordable price. Not only are manufactured homes built to even higher standards than stick-built homes, but they also offer just as many options.

But there are things you need to know to make an informed decision. Where are you going to place your home? How much home do you need? A good place to start, the Idaho Housing Alliance. There you can information about financing, licensed retailers, and much more.

Learn more here:

Idaho Housing Alliance
7154 W. State Street #198
Boise, ID 83714
(208) 853-2320

Titling Your Home

Once you have bought a mobile home, you will need to make it yours legally. If you are moving it into a community or a rented space it will need to have a title placed in your name. This can be done at your local DMV. However, if you are planning to place your home on a permanent foundation it will then be considered real estate and will need to be registered with the county clerk office. The Idaho Tax Commission has a very informative brochure to help guide you through the process.

What to Keep in Mind After the Purchase

If you purchase a new manufactured home, it automatically includes a one-year manufacturer warranty that covers factory defects as well as issues that occur during installation. It is important that you report any problems as soon as you notice them to the dealer and/or manufacturer to get them resolved as quickly as possible. Be sure to keep records of all contact and requests as you may need them if you are unable to get them taken care of.

If unfortunately, you aren’t able to get your issues resolved by dealing directly with the dealer you will need to file a complaint with the HUD Dispute Resolution Program. Idaho doesn’t administer its own resolution program, instead, it is administered by the federal program in Washington D.C.

You can submit your complaint in the following ways:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 571-882-2928
Fax: 888-819-5191
Mail (preferably certified):
ATTN: Manufactured Home Dispute Resolution Program
1676 International Drive
Suite 501
McLean, Virginia, 22102

Mobile Home Living in Idaho

Wouldn’t be hard to imagine settling down in the mountains of Idaho with a view like the ones we were able to find on Zillow. These were just a few that we thought you might enjoy!

Idaho Double Wide With Garage
What a home and a killer view!
Idaho 1971 Single Wide
There are so many options that can come from a standard setup.
Idaho Double Wide With Porch
A wraparound porch completes this home.

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As you can see buying a mobile home in Idaho offers many rewards. Namely, an abundance of land choices and amazing views! All you need is the right home to make yours.

Our series continues in the coming weeks with looks at buying mobile homes in states such as North and South Dakota as well as Wisconsin and Illinois.

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living.

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