Looking for primitive kitchen decor ideas for a manufactured home?

There are several kinds of decor that fit under the primitive decor theme: classic country, primitive, and Americana are just a few.

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The primitive decor has been a popular style for decades, centuries even. It’s especially popular here in West Virginia! Every time I walk into a house that’s decorated in the country I immediately feel at home. Primitive is a style that focuses on worm and welcoming. Primitive applauds imperfection and strives to make new look old.

Primitive Kitchen Decor

This is my good friend Susan Lanham’s kitchen. She lives in double-wide manufactured home in Fayetteville, WV, an area with a proud history of country living.

Her primitive kitchen decor is a great representation of the style.

Popular primitive items are carefully used throughout the kitchen and dining room. Gingham curtains, black iron chandelier, antique window frames, cloth dolls, and warm colors are popular ‘must-haves’ in the primitive style.

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The primitive decor is that the decor is pretty easy to find or make yourself. There’s small hometown stores, large chains, and plenty of online sellers with tons of great primitive decor pieces that will make a big statement on a small budget.

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Primitive Gray Kitchen Cabinets

My favorite part of her home is the gray kitchen cabinets. I love them!

The darker cabinet color fits well into her primitive decor. This is a prime example of not being scared to use color in your home. The dark gray sets a strong base for the rest of the space and creates a perfect focal point.

Susan’s entire home is in the primitive country theme. She has done a fabulous job of distinguishing each room yet keeping them cohesive in decor.

Primitive Kitchen Decor

The kitchen, dining and laundry room walls are all painted the same creamy medium-light brown and gives the entire area a flow that otherwise couldn’t be accomplished. The flooring is the same throughout as well.

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This is great inspiration for primitive decor, thank you, Susan, for allowing me to share it!

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