Landola Mobile Home Makeover Exterior

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  1. im painting a mobil home . the majority of primer was an industrial oil base enamel. red oxide primer on badly rusted areas and a white rustoleum spray primer on the window frames and screen frames. i rolled on the siding primer with rustoleum oil base enamel quarts with a WINNIE ROLLER AND LOW OR SHORT NAP. WILL PAINT WITH A DIRECT TO METEL PAINT EGG SHELL ON THE FACE OR EYE LEVEL. AND A SEMI GLOSS ON THE UPPER AND LOWER TO HELP DIRT WASH OFF EASILY ON THE BOTTOM AND HAVE A CONTRAST AND REFLECTION ON THE TOP WITHOUT BLINDING WITH THE SHEEN SEMI GLOSS TOP AND BOTTOM.

  2. Thank you for a very informative essay in mobile home painting. I live in a much older mobile home that will have to be sold soon unless I can make it look good enough for my husband to fall in love with.

  3. I am 2/3 done on our double wide and chose a light color because of full sun. I am using Home Depot exterior, Weenie rollers and a brush to get the underside of each slat. It looks so good and cleaned up! Yes, prep work is key.

  4. I have a 68 Liberty mobile home that I just purchased. It is aluminum but someone painted it with a latex paint two different colors. It’s starting to bubble so I’m gonna repaint it. The current paint has a dry texture. Any suggestions on prepping and paint. Should I just use a roller? Thanks Tom.

  5. DTM, SHERWIN WILLIAMS,don’t use oil base paint it has no flex, no pro painter uses oil base paints on exteriors acrylics are best , bahr paint is crap, whoever wrote this article no’s nothing about paint.

  6. I paint for a company that makes homes and such out of shipping containers. To clean them I use Simple Green, gets rid of grime and grease, oils and is biodegradable, Been a painter for 30 years and I would never spray anything exterior, it can create a huge mess.

      1. You should be able to find it just about anywhere. I know I’ve seen it at Lowes.

    1. I tried to add you on my end, but it won’t allow me. Looks like you were a subscriber but then unsubscribed. If you have a different email address you might try that.

    1. Hi Mily,

      It didn’t use to be possible but paint technology has really advanced in the last few years. You will be able to prime and paint over just about anything nowadays. Take photos and go to your local paint store (Lowe’s, Home depot, etc) and they will be able to help you.

      Best of luck!

  7. Oh my gosh! I never would have thought of this.. We have an older travel trailer that I turned into a Sewing Cottage for myself.. The outside really needs to be painted, and I knew Rustoleum was the way to go, but it never occurred to me that the simplest way to do it would be spray painting!! Thanks for the idea…Now if it would just get warm enough here in Northern Michigan to be able to do it! lol… How long is your home? Trying to figure out how many cans I'll need for a 28' trailer….hmmmmmm…….
    My recent post Karens Krafty Kottage

  8. You can also use an acrylic paint on metal sided mobile homes. We have two storage buildings here that we painted a mossy green color to blend into the bamboo that surrounds it. First we power washed the metal, then did another power wash with pure vinegar to "etch" and give "tooth" to the metal and then we used an Acrylic paint recommended by Lowes and a paint sprayer. Turned out great! I think I have some pics of it on my blog.

  9. Aren't mobile home problems so fun? I have seen a lot of crazy fixes in this mobile home. The hot water line to the bathroom sink was a clear plastic hose that had been clamped to the cooper ends. It didn't leak, but it wouldn't have lasted much longer..the living room floor had been upgraded with new wood but they didn't even take up the carpet first. They simply laid 4×8 sheets right over the carpet and screwed it Yes, I know all about the real problems..good luck! Keep coming back to Mobile home Living! I love having you!