How To Spray Paint Your Mobile Home Siding

Can you Really Spray Paint Your Mobile Home Siding? Yes!

Changing the color of your mobile home siding, either with new siding or paint, can instantly add curb appeal. It can also add value to the home. Siding is expensive, though. So what do you do if you want a quick update to your mobile homes metal siding that is easy and affordable? Spray paint it!

This is what our home looked like when we bought it, minus the deck (we built that shortly after we bought it):

painting your mobile home siding
Our Home: Pre-Painted

Of course, the siding needed replaced but our lifestyle is one of frugality. We do not own a credit card and all purchases must be saved up for. Therefore, we decided to just spray paint it till the new siding was possible.

Painting metal is A LOT of work. Proper prep work is required before applying any paint at all. If you don’t do the proper prep work you might as well not even paint it because it won’t last long at all.

Here are the steps to spray paint your mobile home siding:

First, you must clean the white powdery stuff that old metal siding gets (oxidation is the scientific term). There’s special products that will remove it. Just spray and hose off and allow to dry.

Second, you need to buy all the paint you will need at one time. Learn from my lesson and just trust me on this. Most stores won’t have 30 cans of one color so pre-order it. This removes the possibility of the color being discontinued or the store not carrying the color again. The Rustoleum paint (specially for metal and prevents rust) can run anywhere from $2.10 (sale at Kmart) to $5.50 (Lowe’s), it took 15 cans to paint the front and one side. So 30 cans total, with a total cost of approximately $70.00. Our home is 12’x58′.

Lastly, just start painting. Long strokes are best that are held at least 15-30 inches away. It was so easy we had our 8 year old daughter helping! You will have to get a flow going to get the proper coverage and keep the paint from running, but you’ll figure it out. There is a special can trigger you can purchase that keeps your fingers from cramping so you may want to invest in a couple.

The only downside is the waste of the cans and the ozone issue. Rest assured, I did a little bit of homework on the potential dangers to the environment, and I concluded that it wasn’t as bad as I had originally thought. With proper disposal, your conscience will be clear as a June day.

Here’s what we ended up with:

painting your mobile home siding

In total, $70.00 has given this mobile home a whole new look. My neighbors certainly appreciated the update. 

I suggest that you purchase all of the paint you’ll need at one time for the mobile home siding. This reduces the chances of running out and not being able to find the color you used. It happens, trust me. Perhaps you can even order the paint from your favorite local hardware store. We used Rustoleum, but your favorite brand will probably work just fine. 

Granted, this is not the best way to handle painting your siding but it is the easiest for someone that doesn’t have the proper equipment like air compressors and paint guns which are what professionals use. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s cheap.

Update: It’s been 2 years since we sprayed the siding, and it has held up wonderfully. The only color that faded a bit was the red and I think that was a generic paint that I found at Big-Lots. I re-applied with a similar color in Rustoleum, and it’s held the color fine.

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  1. Karen says

    Oh my gosh! I never would have thought of this.. We have an older travel trailer that I turned into a Sewing Cottage for myself.. The outside really needs to be painted, and I knew Rustoleum was the way to go, but it never occurred to me that the simplest way to do it would be spray painting!! Thanks for the idea…Now if it would just get warm enough here in Northern Michigan to be able to do it! lol… How long is your home? Trying to figure out how many cans I'll need for a 28' trailer….hmmmmmm…….
    My recent post Karens Krafty Kottage

  2. bamboochick says

    You can also use an acrylic paint on metal sided mobile homes. We have two storage buildings here that we painted a mossy green color to blend into the bamboo that surrounds it. First we power washed the metal, then did another power wash with pure vinegar to "etch" and give "tooth" to the metal and then we used an Acrylic paint recommended by Lowes and a paint sprayer. Turned out great! I think I have some pics of it on my blog.

  3. Crystal says

    Aren't mobile home problems so fun? I have seen a lot of crazy fixes in this mobile home. The hot water line to the bathroom sink was a clear plastic hose that had been clamped to the cooper ends. It didn't leak, but it wouldn't have lasted much longer..the living room floor had been upgraded with new wood but they didn't even take up the carpet first. They simply laid 4×8 sheets right over the carpet and screwed it Yes, I know all about the real problems..good luck! Keep coming back to Mobile home Living! I love having you!

  4. sharkbytes says

    This is really good to know. My son is in an old mobile home. If we ever get the real problems fixed, it could use paint too.

  5. Holly LL says

    Great tips! Thanks for lining to the diy cub!

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