Antique Dealer’s Salvage Shabby Chic Double Wide Featured on Country Living

What do you get when you put an antique dealer that specializes in architectural salvage in a double wide manufactured home? This amazing salvaged shabby chic double wide manufactured home that has been featured on Country Living!

We made the big time, y’all! it’s not often a manufactured home gets featured in a popular home decor magazine or blog so when it happens we need to celebrate! We also need to support the publication and let them know we want more content like that. This shabby chic double wide is special in every way which is exactly why it made the pages of Country Living, a very popular national magazine.

This was my very first featured home here on Mobile Home Living in September 2011. I’m trying to update old articles. Naturally, I revisited Theresa’s blog and found an update! You’ll see the original article and the images shared on Country Living. Next, you’ll see images I found that were taken around the same time the home was photographed for the magazine. Finally, you’ll see the home after new flooring and paint.

From the outside, it just looks normal double wide manufactured home with some gorgeous landscaping, huh?

Shabby chic double wide manufactured home
Just an ordinary double wide manufactured home with some great landscaping.

This salvaged shabby chic double wide 2,016-square-feet with 4-bedrooms and is owned by Theresa Smith who also owns the Cottage Gardens in Elizabethtown, Ky., Her and her husband own the home mortgage-free. The couple is antique dealers, architectural salvagers, and artists that create their own unique pieces. They have their shop but they also travel a lot in their RV to attend antique fairs, upscale flea markets, and other fairs.

Theresa proves that “it isn’t the structure you live in, it’s what you do with it that makes it a home.”

This Shabby Chic Double Wide is Amazing

Theresa ordered this 28×72 ft. double wide manufactured home with as few walls as possible to open it up and give it flow. The interior of this shabby chic double wide is nothing short of amazing. As an antique dealer, Theresa has plenty of real vintage architectural elements and she puts them to good use, rotating them on a very regular basis.

Using large architectural elements such as the pitched gable over the window adds texture and depth to the space.

All White Living Room In Double Wide
All white and ivory with warm worn wood accents make a gorgeous home.

Tricking the Eye with Large Structural Elements

Theresa added a large shingled porch roof on the wall beside the sitting area. Even though it’s large it pulls the eye to it which in turn can make a small room feel larger. It’s magic trickery but it’s unique and gorgeous. See more eclectic and unique mobile homes here.

Unique living room in shabby chic farmhouse double wide
Large aged structural elements give the space depth. It’s all just so gorgeous! No wonder it was featured in a national magazine.

Shabby Chic Kitchen and Dining Room

Most people collect things like butterflies or lighthouses. Theresa, being the antique dealer she is, collects butter bowls.

Those letters look awfully familiar now! They’ve became such a huge hit you could buy tin letters just about anywhere.

One of the best parts of shabby chic is the ability to pair it with just about any other decor. In Theresa’s kitchen, she paired an industrial commercial sink and peeling, cracked, and worn cabinetry. Country Living describes it perfectly:

Peeling paint, indeed! Theresa replaced the standard kitchen cabinetry vintage cupboards and a sellers cabinet.

Blissful Bedroom

Theresa likes taking architectural salvage and turning it into something fabulous. For example, the canopy was an old store display that jsut happened to work beautifully as a canopy.

“I like to pair worn metal or wood with something fabulous.”


To get the antique look on the canopy Theresa sandblasted it. Then, she left it outside to rust. To keep the rust from getting on everything she sealed it.

On the opposite wall she placed a mantel and a settee area that has the same ornate scrolling as the canopy above the bed.

Last but certainly not least is the studio office. It’s the only room in the home that has color and boy, it HAS color! It also has a chandelier. Theresa installed 14 chandeliers in this shabby chic double wide. Chandeliers are a staple for any shabby chic home.

Deep Red Walls In Office
The only color in the home was the red office. When Theresa goes, she goes all out!

The Rest of the Home that Country Living Didn’t Show You

I found more photos of Theresa’s gorgeous home and her shop. She has two blogs, one started in 2007 that you can see here. The latest one chronicles her travels and booths at all the shows, markets, and fairs she attends. The second blog is newer, Time Worn Interiors. These images were not taken by a professional photographer but show her home during that time.

Here’s her office:

Living room:

Antique double wide 8


Antique Double Wide 7
Salvage shabby chic mobile home0032
Books, stauties, and other knick-knacks.

Notorious Half-Walls in Mobile Homes

Many double wides and a few single wide models will include a small half-wall or pony wall. Some can have structural significance, but oftentimes they are simple there to create a divide in a large room.

Theresa handled her little walls by hanging what looks to be a wrought iron curtain rod (or something that acts as a curtain rod) and draping muslin over is to hide the small wall and give the cabinet she placed in front a backdrop.

Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0028
A small medicine cabinet in front of a half wall.
Antique double wide 20
Antique Double Wide 1

Update to the Shabby Chic Double Wide

She re-floored and painted the interior of her shabby chic double wide gray. She also rearranged and rotated items from her antique shop.

Here’s what the home looked like after removing all the furniture. Theresa mentions that she removed the strips or battens from the living room and taped and mudded each seam. However, she has had cracking issues so she used a different tactic in the other rooms.

Salvage shabby chic mobile home0025
Theresa’s home before the new paint color and flooring.

Theresa painted the ivory walls a more modern deep gray. You can see the half wall mentioned above:

Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0026
Laying beautiful flooring down in a double wide after the walls have been painted.

VOG Wallboard Batten Idea in Shabby Chic Double Wide

Notice all the strips or battens? Theresa updated her vinyl walls a bit differently. She explains that the battens were placed every 4 feet just like all the other manufactured homes. Since she had issues with the mud in the living room after removing the battens she went another direction.

In this room, she added more battens so they were spaced every 2-foot. This gave them a more deliberate look. She mentions that she had removed the battens in the living room a few years prior and taped and mudded them but she was experiencing cracks. Adding the battens was far easier.

Salvage shabby chic mobile home0024

The sunroom, or family room, was given new flooring and a lighter gray paint. That flooring is gorgeous!

Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0023
Adding battens so they are spaced every 2 feet is a great way to handle the wallboards in a mobile home.

One the walls were dry Theresa added the salvaged mantle on the long wall on the right.

Salvage shabby chic mobile home0018
Faux fireplace creates a gorgeous focal point in the room.
Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0020
Salvaged finds from old houses hang above the window in Theresa’s double wide.

Our favorite antiques dealer loves aquatic elements and sculptures. She uses them throughout her home.

Salvage decor - aquatic and sculptures
There’s beauty everywhere you look!

Her beautiful bedroom living room is a perfect place to rest and relax. Theresa and her husband travel the country in 5th wheel camper to sell her antiques at fairs and shows. What an awesome way to make a living!

modern eclectic bedroom in double wide
The living room is so warm and inviting.

Since she is an antique dealer she has the opportunity to rotate decor and furnishings as much as she wants. She could reinvent her home everyday if she wanted.

Decor on display
Tablescape in Theresa’s sunroom/family room.

After the Country Living feature, the couple added a covered porch!

She’s taking inventory in the driveway for the next trip.

Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0013

What an Awesome Way to Make a Living

It’s only fair that I give you a small peek into Theresa’s business affairs. She tours the country going to antique fairs and shows in a modern RV (you can see it on her blog).

A big part of selling antiques is setting them up in a display to make them attractive to buyers and let’s just say Theresa is very good at her job.

Salvage shabby chic mobile home0003
Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0008
Salvage shabby chic mobile home0007

Very, Very Good at her Job

Salvage Shabby Chic Mobile Home0037

I usually try to add a summary at the end of these articles but I’m speechless. All I can say is that I love every inch of her gorgeous home and her office isn’t too bad either!

Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living!

This article was original posted on Sep 11, 2011 and updated on June 4, 2019.

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  1. Linda Bowden says

    Hi Crystal,
    We purchased our manufactured home in 2000 & have been working & improving ever since. We live on Lopez Island, Wa. In the beautiful San Jaun Islands.
    We are blessed with a wonderful view of the water & have added a large front porch & two small ones on the back facing the garden. We would love to send you some interior & exterior photos if you are interested.. I really enjoyed looking at at the things you have done to your own home and look forward to hearing from you soon. I do not have a web site, but love interior design & our house has been totally remodeled.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Linda!

      Your home sounds wonderful! Thanks so much for contacting me! I am always looking for great homes to inspire and show the world just how great manufactured homes can be.

      Please send me some photos to and I’ll send you a few questions. From there we will work together to get it together.

      Thanks so much for contacting me!

      1. Theresa M smith says

        Wow! What an amazing article! Thanks for the feature!
        Theresa M Smith

    2. Sandy vines says

      Hi, I live in an older mobile home, double wide, what floor will stay in place with out shifting,,, we put tile with proper glue, but it in time with shift and leave a tiny crack , thanks, Sandy

      1. Crystal Adkins says

        Hi Sandy!

        If you are experiencing shifting you may want to consider having your home re-leveled. It’s not as expensive as you may think – a $25 water level and a blocking is really all you need. Our homes settle after a couple of years and need to be re-leveled regularly.

        I’d check into vinyl flooring for bathrooms and kitchens and laminated floating floor for the rest of the home. You just about can’t go wrong with those.

        Best of luck!

  2. Chris says

    Not enough here to form an opinion BUT I didn’t know you could order a MH with fewer walls. I love that idea! I didn’t see any pics on her site. Do you have a link?

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Chris! I only have the 2 links I posted but this article will give you a few more photos:

      I believe she sold that home so she has a whole new place to make beautiful!

      You can order a manufactured home any way you want it which is one of the best things about them! You can have a completely open floor plan or change the materials (though I often recommend that people do the small changes themselves to save money). You can walk onto any dealership and tell them exactly what you want and in 6 weeks or less it’s ready for you – I love that about manufactured homes!!

      Thanks for commenting!

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