Kids Bedrooms: Style and Function in Mobile Homes

Mobile home bedroom decorating ideas are hard to come by, especially for kids bedrooms,  so I thought I would find a few to share.  As I’ve written in previous posts my daughter has the smallest bedroom in the world.  It can’t measure more than 10′ x 8′ and inside that room is a lot of stuff. If I wanted her to actually use the bedroom I had to make it cool and stylish. Her idea of style was pink, lime green and white along with a bunk bed. It’s still not clean enough to post a picture though! I am not about to try to get an 8 year old to keep her room spotless, we both have lives and I think there’s more important things in life then cleaning. Maybe when she gets a bit older I’ll start insisting it be neat and tidy, till then if it looks OK then I’m OK with it.

To make a child’s room comfortable and functional is a battle that is often lost. There’s many factors to consider: personality, color, furniture and safety are just a few. Each child is different and each one likes what they like. So how are we supposed to decorate and update a kids bedroom to suit their tastes and needs?

Clio has a great convertible system for kids rooms.

Notice the wheels on the bed? That’s a great idea, make it all easily moveable

The ideal kids room will have a place for everything and everything will be in it’s place. Notice I said ideal, these photos were taken on a set without children anywhere near it. When you’re looking at photos to get inspired don’t forget that your in real life and these photos are not. That room wouldn’t stay organized longer than 2 minutes and we all know it. Here’s a few more photos to inspire you.

These rooms were found on
These rooms are not cheap but you can easily have the desks and shelving made or make it yourself. Big Lots, Family Dollar and Dollar General usually have standard shelving that’s very cheap. Use your favorite pictures as a springboard. Lastly, don’t expect that since you put time and money into your child’s room they will magically become a neat freak. They won’t.
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