Clayton’s I House Design

Clayton developed the I House in 2008 to give the public another option in mobile/manufactured/pre-fab home design. This home focuses on ultra modern design, environmentally friendly product’s and a hefty price tag. Which is its only downfall, at over $75,000 it’s entirely to expensive. Instead of trying to please the buyers of standard mobile homes, they tried to entice the green yuppie market. Rich, young professionals doesn’t want anything to do with mobile homes even if they don’t look like one, which is why I believe it hasn’t sold very well at all.

Clayton’s president asked the architects to design a unit that could be build in the factories they already had and have the least amount of material waste. The designers started with a butterfly roof that was designed for a rainwater catchment system, as well as to carry the optional $8,000 solar pv system. The home has IKEA fixtures, dual-flush toilets, recycled decking materials, and low E efficient windows. It also utilizes the popular Japanese style climate control system in each room.
The home is 992 square feet with bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. The home also has an extended room with a bathroom, which also features an awesome rooftop deck.

Clayton I house

The interior of the i House has a very sleek and modern look as well. The kitchen offers ample storage and high end appliances. The bedrooms have built in storage as does the living room.

i House kitchen.
i house living room.


There’s so many great ideas you can get by looking at new designs and ideals from mobile home manufacturers. Just use your imagination and don’t let the “i can’t do that” bug get you. You have the basis of a beautiful home, your sitting in it right now and you can make it whatever you want with a little hard work and vision.

Thank you so much for reading Mobile and Manufactured Home Living!

  1. Dougas McDaniel says

    I saw this model in Charleston SC several years back. Every time i visited the area, i would stop and look at it. I loved the exterior and in interior…..took several pics and still have them. It was a sleek and modern design….I could have so seen myself living it. I loved the kitchen and living area….and the bonus room and deck….would have made a perfect second home.

  2. tippau says

    The roof lne in strange. Not sure how smart that would be in colder climates; the snow would build up in the low center area.

  3. CrystalMHL says

    Wow Steven that would be a near perfect place to live! I can dream
    right along with you! It would be great if they could do that but I
    think the manufacturers has forgotten that innovation is how the
    industry made it through the tough times. They have a real issue on
    their hands because they can't sell to people that can't find a place
    to put it but they don't seem to be interested in helping to remedy
    the situation. Clayton bought all the smaller manufacturers years ago,
    and with that I think they lost the creativity and thought processing
    ability. I could see \”Steven's Towns\” popping up all over the US,
    providing affordable homes and real communities for like minded
    people! What a wonderful dream!

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