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This is a collection of helpful manufactured home resources for homeowners and buyers. Popular articles include how to find mobile home parts and supplies, 27 manufactured home builders you should know about, and our directory of mobile home manuals.

17 Odd Mobile Home Park Rules

Good parks offer amenities for their tenants like well-manicured surroundings, play areas, and pools. They must ensure the property is safe and that utilities are functioning while offering fair lot rents that don’t increase every year for no good reason.…

double wide kitchen with skylights

Mobile Home Skylights

Admittedly, I’m not a big fan of mobile home skylights. While they are nice to have, the disadvantages have far outweighed the advantages in my experience. However, I understand that skylights are getting better with modern technology so I’m not…

Is Your Mobile Home Making You Sick 2

Is Your Mobile Home Making you Sick?

Most of us started hearing about FEMA trailers shortly after Hurricane Katrina. FEMA had purchased 52,000 travel trailers to house the victims of the nation’s largest natural disaster but they ended up making thousands of their residents sick. The builders…