Manufactured Homes are Earth Friendly!

To celebrate Earth Day, we created this info-graphic that details all the great ways manufactured homes are earth friendly.

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Manufactured Homes are Earth Friendly Infographic - what makes manufactured homes good for the environment

Manufactured Homes: Affordable, Energy Efficient Homes

Since the beginning, manufactured homes have been leading the way energy efficient housing. Their dedication to green technology and environmentally friendly building techniques are undeniable and on-site home builders have used concepts and techniques that began in a manufactured home factory.

Manufactured Homes are Earth Friendly

Manufactured homes are earth friendly in several different ways, particularly in their construction. They are named such because they are built, or manufactured, in a factory.

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Advantages of Factory Building 

Building in a centralized factory provides higher efficiency, greater precision, and improved craftsmanship. It also significantly reduces the environmental impact that often occurs on a construction site such as noise pollution and erosion issues. Imagine what damage is done to the earth while building a home!

Computer Aided Planning = Reduced Material Waste

Computer-aided planning and production line efficiency allows for more precise material handling.  A huge advantage to this is reduced material waste.

For example, a piece of plywood can be precisely planned out to use every inch of wood. Less material waste is not only better for the buyer’s wallet but also for earth.

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Bulk Material Purchase and Storage

Because everything is based in one place and most often a covered building, materials can be purchased and shipped in bulk. This is both more cost effective and better for the environment due to reduced transportation needs.

In short, manufactured homes are earth-friendly, they always have been and will continue to be.

Happy Earth Day!

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