Turn Your Manufactured Home into a Smart Home

Technology is awesome!

The computer, tablet, or phone that you’re reading this article on has more power and technology within it than they used to get to the moon (or so I’ve heard). Technology simplifies our lives and provides convenience. Why not use that power it to make your home run smoother and save money?

You can turn your manufactured home into a technologically advanced machine without extensive home renovations. In fact, transforming your home into a smart home is rather easy to do and it’s more affordable than you probably realize.

Chances are you already have the foundation you need to turn your manufactured home into a smart home. If your home has wi-fi you’re well on your way to having a smart home!

What Is Smart Home? 

In reality, the term ‘smart home’ can mean several things.  It means the home is automated, or remote-controlled, in some way or another. This typically includes a smartphone connection and wi-fi.   It also means that the products installed in the home is smart, or can calculate or control itself to save the homeowner money.

Extend Wi-Fi

Is your wi-fi weak in certain areas of the house? You can correct this with a power line networking plug, an easy technological improvement that makes your home a smart home.

smart home-Power line networking kit

power line networking plug looks just like a regular power outlet, only it plugs directly into the current outlet. You then connect an ethernet cable from the “Out” port on the router and insert it into the ethernet connection on the networking plug. This sends an internet signal throughout the electrical grid in your home. To receive this signal, you need a second plug connected to any other power outlet in the house to receive the internet signal. Viola! You’ve just increased your wi-fi signal and took the first step toward a smart home! smart home-increasing the wi-fi signal in your home with power line networking

USB Power Outlet

Manufactured homes typically have a limited number of outlets and you probably have a cell phone, tablet, or camera that needs to be charged often. Here’s

You can remedy this issue by installing USB power outlets. They have the traditional electrical outlets but also several USB ports too.smart home-USB outlet

You can easily swap out your current outlet and install a USB power outlet or you can buy a USB adapter that simply plugs into your standard outlet. smart home-USB outlet adapter

With a USB  power outlet, you always have a USB connection and can charge your phone, tablet, or camera anywhere in the house, with or without the charger, and without using your standard outlets.

Smart Lights

Do you have a child who is always leaving their lights on whenever you leave the house? I do!

Thankfully light bulbs no longer use the extensive amount of electricity they did a decade ago, but still, every penny counts. With smart lights, you can control the lights in your manufactured home with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can program the lights to turn and off at certain times, alter the color, and dim the lights too.

smart home-smart lights 2

These smart lights screw into a light outlet just like any other bulb only it connects to the Wi-Fi in your house. With an app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can see when these lights are on wherever you are and can control them via an internet/data connection.

Keyless Locks

Do you have trouble remembering your keys? I have front door keys hidden in several spots because one of us usually forgets the door key (we only have the one car right now so I walk a lot and the door automatically locks on me all the time).

Luckily, you can upgrade your front door’s locking mechanism and improve the security of your home with a keyless entry system.

There are a few different keyless entry systems. The more affordable systems include a keypad and the more advanced systems work with your smartphone and special key tags. The systems start at around $50 and go up. Here’s a system on Amazon for $85:

smart home-keyless entry system

With the advanced systems, you connect the lock to your wi-fi network. It releases whenever someone with a key tag, credit card, or phone that’s been programmed into the system gets close to it. You can install an app on your phone and it communicates with the lock whenever you are near it too.  Here’s a $175 system available at Amazon:

smart home-digital door lock keyless entry system

Remote Monitoring System

Another smart home feature is better security for our homes. There are lots of great remote monitoring systems and security cameras for every budget. The most convenient uses wi-fi connectivity so that you can see what’s going on in your home via smartphone. It’s great for checking up on babysitters and pets though it’s the best use is to have evidence of your break-ins. I reviewed a really awesome system here.

smart home-wi-fi security camera

 Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats came out a few years ago but they keep getting more advanced. You can buy a standard programmable thermostat for less than $25 that allows you to set temperatures based on the time. Here’s one on Amazon:

smart home-Programmable thermostats

The more expensive thermostats include additional features. This thermostat connects to your wi-fi so you can adjust the settings from your smartphone. It also has a sophisticated weather station for both indoor and outdoor temperatures. Here’s a Honeywell Wi-fi Smart Thermostat at Amazon for $175:

smart home-wi-fi thermostat 2


You can improve your home with smart technology. Saving time and money and improving security are all great features!

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Image Source: Shalimar Mobile Home Park 

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