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  1. Hi I’m the owner of 619 cameo Dr palm springs ca did the renovation and design of it we spent a lot of time on it thanks for the write up I have done house boats and airstream camper and currently redoing a ranch house in Mt Dora Florida feel free to contact me

    1. Oh wow, John,

      Thank you so much for commenting! I LOVE this house and would love to know how the ceiling treatment came about. I catch myself thinking about it out of the blue…lol.
      If you would ever want to share your Airstream or anything other mobile home remodels I would be thrilled. My email is

      Thank you!

    2. Hi John, My daughter loves these type of living space. She lives in Ohio but doesn’t know where to begin finding someone to build for her. If you know a direction she should go please let us no. Thank you

  2. Love the stripped down ceiling in the first place. I assume an insulated roof over was done to the exterior.

      1. Yes to the insulating layer, unless it’s a winter-only home (not rare in Palm Springs). I worked a summer installing cabinets in condos in adjacent Palm Desert. It NEVER hit 100-degrees later than 9:00AM during the summer. Average highs were north of 110-degrees. So yeah, insulating cover, or winter only.

        Do you have any idea how one would effectively insulate that beautiful exposed roof structure? It really isgorgeous and reminds me of a cross-section through the wing of an old-time wood and fabric airplane wing.

      2. Hi Brent,

        Thanks for the info! I imagine with it being CA, they just maybe went with an insulated metal roof? I’m not that knowledgeable about roofing or insulation so hopefully, someone can answer that actually knows what they are talking about..

  3. I’ve always wondered if people actually live with sliding doors and no blinds/curtains. Esp when they are THISCLOSE to their neighbors. Or have the windows been stripped for the photo op?

    1. Hi Tammy,

      I read some of your blogs and really enjoyed it, I wish I could write as well as you do! If I had to guess the curtains were probably removed. I can’t fathom living without shades or curtains at least in the bedrooms.