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Mobile Home Decor Ideas Perfect For Real Life

There are so many beautiful mobile home decor styles to choose from. Modern, Retro, and Primitive, to name a few. And just like you, we love to daydream and pin to our Pinterest boards all kinds of wonderful ideas of how we can change up our mobile home. But, then we realize that white rug we loved so much would NEVER stay white since our dogs run in and out all the time. Oh, and those fresh flowers that we see decorators recommend keeping on the side table in the living room? Not for us. So, we started looking for some mobile home decor ideas perfect for real life and real families. Don’t forget; you can always visit our Pinterest page for more mobile home ideas and remodeling tips!

Let Your Love of Books Work For You

Always have a stack of books laying around? Use those books that you can’t bear to part with to your advantage by stacking them and using them as an accent on your bedside table or living room side table. Or like we shared below, make a shelf out of them. (See more book ideas at Creamy Life).

mobile home decor ideas-books as shelves
This is such an original idea!

Add Some Life to Your Mobile Home With Plants

We may not be a big fan of fresh flowers, but we love a good house plant. Decorating with plants is an easy way to add some color to any room, not to mention they clean the air. Find some cool tabletop or floor planters or even a hanging planter (the kind your Grandma used to have hanging in her home) and fill them with your favorite plants. Don’t have much of a green thumb? Several types of houseplants are hard to kill. We’ve included a list of 11 from All Created to get you started!

mobile home decor ideas-hanging planter
We love this hanging planter. #affiliate


mobile home decor ideas-hard to kill plants
A list for the green thumb challenged!
mobile home decor ideas-self water pots
With these self-watering planters, you take the guesswork out of watering your plants. #affiliate


Showcase Your Family

We have talked many times here at Mobile Home Living about creating a gallery wall in your mobile home as an inexpensive way to add style to your room. Why not take all those family photos you have taken over the years and use them as the theme. Using different size frames will create an eye-catching look.

mobile home decor ideas-wall photos
Use different size frames to add variety. (image from Shutterfly)


Light It Up

One of the easiest ways to add your sense of style to your mobile home is to change out the lighting. Whether it be updating your ceiling lights or changing your lamps, there are so many different choices. Don’t forget to upgrade your light bulbs as well. Not only are there many energy efficient choices out there, but you can also get different hues for different rooms, whether it be bright, soft or somewhere in between.

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mobile home decor ideas-bedroom lamp
Perfect for a side table or nightstand!
mobile home decor ideas-ceiling light
This piece is a different look from the typical ceiling light. #affiliate

There are so many easy mobile home decor ideas to help add your own sense of style to your home. These are just a few that we love. Have a tip you want to share with our readers? Comment below, we would love to hear from you!

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