63 Affordable DIY Lighting Projects

With the right lighting, you can completely transform a room! Unfortunately, lighting can be expensive but we’ve found 63 affordable DIY lighting projects that include lamps, pendants, wall sconces, wall decor, and chandeliers. Each project is linked to an informative tutorial so that you can make your own lighting at an affordable price.

Get ready to create!

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1. Rustic Lantern Floor Lamp

This lamp would be perfect for your rustic or beach-themed room. HGTV has a full tutorial here.

Rustic Lantern Floor Lamp - DIY lights you can make4

2. Glass Lamps for the Floor and Table

 Crate & Barrel has a popular glass lamp they sell for $199. That’s a lot of money for a lamp but you can create your own for less than half that price and there are a couple of different tutorials to help guide you.

Rocky Bella has a step-by-step guide to help you create your own table lamp here. Another blog, The Nester, sorta has a tutorial for a glass floor lamp in the same style here.

Glass table lamp DIY Lamps you can makeGlass DIY Floor Lamp

3. Vintage Tripod Lamp

If you have an old camera or telescope tripod you can turn it into a beautiful lamp! Dream Book Design has a complete tutorial here.

Vintage Tripod Lamp DIY

4. 2-Liter Coke Bottles and Duct Tape Lamp

What do you get when you combine a $ 19.99-floor lamp with 2-liter Coke bottles and duct tape? A beautiful lamp, of course! Katie shows you how to create it from start to finish on her blog, Matsutake.

2 liter Coke Lamp - DIY Lamps You Can Make

5. West Elm Knockoff Lamp

West Elm is a popular home decor store because they stay ahead of the trends. You can too, just at a more affordable price with this lamp. Tiny Sidekick, a really neat home decor, and design blog provide in-depth instructions here.

West Elm Knockoff - DIY Lamp Tutorial

6. Music Sheet Tripod Lamp 

Have a musician in the family? I bet they can help you secure an old music sheet tripod that you can turn into an awesome lamp. The Painted Hive, a very cool home decor blog out of Australia has step-by-step instructions here.

Music Sheet Tripod Lamp - DIY

7. Industrial Wall Sconces

The Painted Hive has several great DIY lighting projects! In addition to the music sheet table lamp above, they also have these great wall sconce updates. Read how to do it here.

Industrial wall sconce light makeover

8. Industrial Ceiling Light 

Here’s yet another great light project from The Painted Hive! This industrial ceiling light uses an old metal basket and creates a work of art with it. Get the directions here.

Industrial basket ceiling light - DIY

9. Simple Wood Floor Lamp 

Better Homes and Gardens always have great ideas! This simple wood floor lamp can be made with just a few basic supplies and tools. Get the instructions here.

Basic Wood Floor Lamp - DIY lighting projects

10. Pool Noodle and Rope Floor Lamp Makeover

It’s amazing what you can get by combining a cheap floor lamp, a $1 pool noodle, and rope! The Lily Pad Cottage shares detailed steps here.

Pool Noodle and Rope Floor Lamp Makeover - DIY lighting projects

11. Christmas Ornaments Floor Lamp Makeover

All Things Thrifty is a great blog with, well, all kinds of thrifty decor ideas for your home! Here’s a floor lamp project that uses Christmas ornaments to makeover a standard floor lamp. Learn how to create this pretty and affordable lamp here.

Christmas Ornaments Lamp Makeover - DIY lighting tutorials you can do

12. Birdcage Chandelier

The talented lady behind All Things Thrifty is definitely one of the best thrifty DIY decorators I’ve seen. Her projects are beautiful and affordable! She takes an old birdcage and rope to create a beautiful chandelier for her home. Instructions here.

Birdcage chandelier DIY tutorial

13. Geometric Paper Lamps

Instructables is one of my favorite websites – there’s an endless supply of DIY projects on every subject. This instructable just happens to show you how to create a beautiful light pendant with paper. Yes, paper! Click here for the instructions.

Paper Light Pendants - DIY Tutorial

14. Decorative Bow Paper Pendant Lamp

The same guy behind the geometric paper pendants also released an instructable on how to create a decorative bow paper pendant. Here are the instructions.

Decorative Bow Ceiling Light DIY tutorial

15. Crutches Floor Lamp

I think every household in America has crutches stored away somewhere (or at least knows someone that does). Why not give them a job and make them more useful? The bog Infarrantly Creative gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a floor lamp out of crutches here. It’s awesome!

Crutches floor lamp DIY tutorial

16. Globe Light Pendants

One old globe can make 2 awesome light pendants! Step-by-step instructions here. Apartment Therapy has a tutorial here though it isn’t as detailed.

globe light DIY

17. Minimalism Dowel Lamp  

Minimalism is a very popular design trend and is perfect for small homes. This awesome table lamp is as minimalist as it gets! Get detailed DIY steps here.

Minimalist Dowel Rod Table Lamp - DIY

18. Pipe and Bicycle Parts Desk Lamp

Pipes are a popular home decor material these days because it’s affordable, handsome to look at, and easy to find. This desk lamp made from pipe and old bicycle parts is nothing short of awesome. Learn how to build it here.

Pipe Desk Lamp - DIY tutorial

19. Doily Light 

This doily light pendant would be perfect for the popular cottage-style home decor. It’s labor intensive but none of the steps are difficult. Learn how to create it here. Another blogger created a similar design here.

Doiley Light Pendant - DIY lights you can make

20. Mason Jar 6 Light Edison Hanging Lamp

This DIY light would be great for the rustic decor that we all love! It looks complicated but it’s really not – the materials used are easy to find and affordable. Here’s how to create it.

Mason Jar 6 light Edison hanging lamp - DIY 28 great lights you can make

21. Plastic Spoon Light Pendant

Who would’ve thought to take plastic spoons and create a gorgeous light pendant out of them? The people at The Chive did! Here’s their tutorial.

plastic-spoon-chandelier - DIY lamps you can make

22. Recycled Cardboard Light Pendant

Cardboard is super simple to find and free. You can use just about any design you want but this minimal box design is super cool. Learn how to make it here.


23. Wood Veneer Light Pendant 

This is such a cool light! All you need are strips of wood veneer (available at Lowe’s or Home Depot for less than $10) and a light kit. See all the steps here.

woven lamp pendant - DIY lamps you can make

24. Cubed and Wooden Ceiling Light 

Geometric designs can work in just about any space but it’s especially great for the retro/industrial style. This light is easy to create and makes a bold statement – I love it! Learn how to create it here.

Hanging Cube wood Ceiling Light - DIY tutorial

25. Handmade Industrial Chandelier

This is one gorgeous light and it cost less than $300 to make (compared to the thousands it would cost if you bought it out of a store). WOW! Learn how the talented homeowners created it here.

Large industrial light fixture you can make yourself

26. Soda Tab Light

Reduce, reuse, and recycle with style. This light pendant is made out of common soda tabs but is so very beautiful. Learn how to make it here.

Soda tab light - DIY lights you can make

27. Lighted Headboard

This is such a creative DIY lighting project that is perfect for a kid’s bedroom. All it takes is some wood, small Christmas lights, and a drill. Get detailed instructions here.

DIY headboard light project

28. Exhaust Fan DIY 

Some people are so talented! If your space is screaming for a focal point this exhaust fan light could be just what it needs. Details here.

exhaust fan DIY light

29. Perforated Bowls / Globe Light

What do you get when you put 2 bowls together and add a bit of creativity? An awesome light! Learn how to make them here.

perforated globe DIY light

30. Ombre Light Pendant 

Ombre is lovely regardless of what it is used on but it’s especially beautiful in a light. Learn how to take a simple glass globe and give it an ombre effect here.

ombre light tutorial

31. Quilt Hoops Light 

Quilt hoops? Really, quilt hoops? Yes, and it’s awesome! See the step-by-step process here and make your own!

Quilt hoops DIY light pendant

32. Dodecahedron Pendant Light

If you have a patience and are comfortable with hand tools and geometry you can make this light pendant yourself. Here’s how.

geometric light pendant - DIY lights you can create

33. Plexiglas Chandelier 

This is a cute chandelier that would work great in a little girl’s room. Learn how to make it here.

Plexiglass Chandelier - DIY

34. Block of Wood Table Lamp

Here’s another minimalist lamp that you can make out of a block of wood. The steps are well documented here.

wood table lamp DIY

35. Vintage Toy Table Lamp

Toys are great to hand down to the next generation but why not turn them into something that can be used a little longer? This instructable gives you step-by-step instructions to create your own table lamp.

Toy Lamp you can make yourself

36. Vintage Camera Lamp

This would be a perfect addition to a photographer’s home! Learn how to turn a vintage camera into an awesome table lamp here.

Vintage camera lamp

37. Pottery Barn Inspired Light Made with Picture Frames

Who knew you could create a beautiful ceiling light out of picture frames? Learn how to make your own here.

Picture frame DIY light

38. Tree Branch Ceiling Light

This DIY ceiling light has a LOT of charm. Learn how to make it here.

tree branch ceiling light

39. Colander Light 

You can add a great vintage appeal to your kitchen with this colander light. Learn how to create it here.


40. Single Mason Jar Light Pendant

This is a great light for your kitchen made from a single mason jar. See the instructions here.

mason jar light pendant

41.  Tin Can Light Pendant

You can do a lot with a simple tin can. Learn how to create a tin can light pendant here.

tin can light pendants

42. Fabric Garland Chandelier

This is a great project for a cottage theme room. It’s affordable and easy to create too, here’s how.

fabric garland chandelier

43. Lighted Letters Wall Art

These lighted letters are perfect wall decor for a bedroom. Get the step-by-step directions here.

lighted letters wall DIY project

44. Simple Glass Vase Light Pendant

This is a simple project with a big impact. Learn how to use a simple glass vase and turn it into a cool light pendant here.

SImple Glass Vase Light Pendant

45. Rope Wrapped Light 

This is a cute project that adds a nice rustic charm to your space. Learn how here.

Rope wrapped light shade project

46. Yarn Light Project

This is a cute lighting project that your whole family can help with. Learn the steps to create it here.

yarn light project - DIY project

47. Wine Bottle Light Pendant

Reusing wine bottles and creating cool lighting pendants with them is a great DIY project. Learn more here.

wine bottle DIY pendant project

48.  Chicken Wire Ceiling Light

Chicken wire is a great texture to add to a space, especially for a rustic-style room. This tutorial tells you how to create it here.

chicken wire ceiling light

49. Easy DIY Branch Light

This is an easy project and would look great in any corner. Get the tutorial here.

DIY branch light

50. Vintage Inspired Letter Light

These lights are very popular but they are very expensive. With a little know-how though you can make your own in any size. Learn how here.

Vintage Letter DIY light

51. Wire Basket Chandelier

Here’s another great wire basket chandelier project. See how to make it here.

wire basket light DIY project

52. Basket Light Pendants

Here’s a cute and affordable lighting project using baskets. Anyone can do it, learn how here.

Basket light pendant

53. Globe Ceiling Light 

Here’s a different take on the globe light pendants from earlier. This one is a single globe ceiling light cover. Get the directions here.


54. Wine Bottle Pendant 

Here’s another take on using wine bottles as light pendants. These are cut closer to the neck so they’re great for lower ceilings. Learn how to create it here.


55. Paint Stick Light

This is so cute! It can be painted or stained any color too so it’s as versatile as it affordable. Get the instructions here.

paint stick light

56. Recycled Cardboard Spot Light

This is a super cute cardboard spotlight or table lamp. The pattern and instructions are available here.


57. Ping Pong Light

Ping pong balls filter light beautifully so why not use them to create a light? Learn how here!

ping pong light

58. DIY Garden Globes

Garden globes are great to illuminate a dark path but they are expensive. Make your own with affordable materials. Here’s how.

DIY Garden Globes

59. Grater Chandelier

You can use practically anything to create a light fixture or pendant as long as it can stand a little heat from the bulbs and thankfully modern bulbs don’t get as hot as the old ones used to. Learn how to create this great grater chandelier here.

Grater Light Chandelier

60. Industrial Flex Light 

This is made from a plastic gutter spout! Get the instructions here.

Industrial flex light

61. Another Cool Cardboard Lamp Project

This is another cool cardboard lamp project you can do for any room. Get the directions here.

Cardboard light DIY project

62. Concrete Pendant Light

This is made from a 2-liter soda bottle and concrete! Get the step-by-step instructions here.

Concrete Pendant Light

63. Veneer Light Pendants

Here’s another great wood veneer lighting project. It’s a bit more complex but if you’re a natural-born DIYer you’ll have no problems! Learn the steps here.

veneer pendant lighting

That’s it! There’s a style for everyone! If you do create one of these DIY lighting projects please share it with us!

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  1. You have inspired me to create a tree branch light and a globe light for my granddaughter. Thank you so much. Love this so much. Keep inspiring us. God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi Adam,
    Thank you for the kind words, it’s always appreciated! To be honest, I am not comfortable giving advice on electrical stuff. I’m a plumber’s wife and we’re scared of electricity by nature…lol

    I did find this instructional video on Home Depot. Mobile homes are wired like site-built homes so the steps should be similar. I do know that you’ll want to place them on a truss so you won’t have to make too big a hole to install a cross bar – other than that I haven’t a clue.

    Hopefully, another reader will be able to help. Best of luck!

  3. I just love your site and so appreciate all that you share. I came in hopes that you might have an instructional on installing the “canless” pot lights, which in searchable terms are called “wafer lights”. Im confident that for $100, I could overhaul the lighting in at least 2 rooms of my mobile with this installation – my hesitation is about what seems to be the very basic wiring and the assoociated implications. Anyway, these lights are little miracles in and of themselves, and with the right instructional, the lives of many mobile homers could be more attractively lit! Any help you might be able to offer would be appreciated, and if nothing else, perhaps check out this idea for yourself. I think you will find it realistic for the DIY spirit of a mobile homer, very applicable, and perfectly practical. My thoughts are a 1-2 punch of a ceiling/lighting makeover in my bedroom…but there’s only one wired fixture in the middle of the room…what to do there? And in the living room, there’s no fixture for overhead lighting…what in the $#&@ do I do about that? Hopefully you can help or be inspired for future content. Thanks so much for all you do…so appreciated! Best to you and yours…

  4. Crystal! You are on a roll this week!

    My favorites are 18 and 27. And 33…and maybe 60.

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