Modern Green Pre-Fab Homes

modern green pre-fab homes
The promise of modern green pre-fab homes has been at the forefront of home design. While their concept is great, no one has been able to offer the homes at an affordable price, yet. They are beautiful examples of what is possible though.

Very few companies have been able to make an affordable, green home for the masses yet. When they do, sales are sluggish and the homes are usually discontinued.

When the manufactured giant Clayton introduced their modern iHouse and eHouse, they flopped. The layout was great and there were several unique features. Standard pitched roof along with optional rooftop deck, solar PV system, rainwater catchment, and separate studio were all great options to get to choose from. Whether mainstream wasn’t ready for such changes or the companies just haven’t gotten the marketing right, they simply did not sell.

Fortunately, there are a few independent shops that are producing their own pre-fab designs successfully. Of course, their homes are not cheap, some starting in the high $300,000 dollar range. Still, their designs are great to see what works with the buyers, what features are best for green living and what architectural designs are most pleasing. The chances are pretty good that a mainstream manufacturing company will eventually get a green modern design to take in mainstream, affordability and all. When they do we can expect to see designs like these from 2 popular architectural shops…

Michelle Kaufman is best known for her modern, green, airy and light-filled prefab designs. She is considered one of the most successful green, pre-fab architects and is a favorite of She has designed several commercial and residential homes as well as parks and communities.

Blu Homes is doing a great job at pre-fab design. Their infamous GlideHouse offers great storage, warm materials, and high ceilings. The home starts in the high $300,000 range.

BluHouse has a home called Element that starts in the more affordable $160,000 area. This home uses a folding system once it is placed on the foundation.

Here’s more photo’s of the many options you can choose from within the Element fold-out design:


I do like the modern green pre-fab designs. I’m confident that someone wanting to remodel and completely update a single wide home could utilize these features to work on the structure. I would love to be the one to try it, too!

It’s fun to see what is popular and to see the newest ideas for our types of homes. While pre-fab and modular is more expensive than traditional manufactured homes, they are essentially built the same way, in a factory. I’ve seen a few articles floating around that stress the difference between modular and manufactured. There are a few differences but basically, they have much more in common than not. It’s more a marketing ploy, their customers are typically higher income earners and can’t fathom the thought of living in a trailer.  They want to pretend like the manufactured home is just their ugly stepsister, when in reality the manufactured home is the beautiful mother of modular and pre-fab. It’s simple marketing 101.

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4 thoughts on “Modern Green Pre-Fab Homes”

  1. Thank you for creating this site!! I agree with what you said, theres not enough motivation for awesome renovations of mobile homes… Ill send you my updated pics very soon!

  2. Mobile homes are earth friendly in the first place: less waste, cause less environmental impact, are efficient and cost effective. Buying a new “green” pre-fab is just showing off.

    There are plenty of used already built “trailers” that do not need to add to the energy, material, labor and waste costs of a new green Mobile McMansion.

    People love to feel superior though. If it’s made in a factory and has to be trucked to a site, it’s a mobile home.

  3. Behold, the future. Sad that the mentality of 'the future' still sucks. "I'm better than you" is what the glamourous pre-fab houses–and their owners no doubt–are conveying, however subtle. How one embraces the glam while ignoring it's humble origins is beyond comprehension. SO: As people give up their mega-mansions ('cause they can no longer afford them; check out Hollywood if you've any doubts) and 'simplify' their lives (please; we've heard it only a gazillion times), they'll seek out the rage in less expensive yet still fashionable lifestyles. Michelle Kaufman will be so eager to design homes for the horse-and-buggy set (conveniently overlooking the fact that the six horses previously used to pull the grand buggy have been reduced to two)…dollars signs spinning and twirling in her mind as she signs off on yet another signature masterpiece (*ack* *gag*). Meanwhile, the tried and true will look, blink and laugh at the fools who don't have a clue–due to denial!–about how they really aren't living in a home that's any more grand than the lowly 'trailer'. We–current mobile home owners and soon to be owners–are the 'tried and true'. I'm laughing my butt off already as I imagine the rather snotty dialogue taking place between members of the 'fabulous pre-fab denizens' as they applaud their less-is-more lifestyle 'choices'. What? Bitter, me? Don't kid yourself upper crust siblings! Hahahahahahahaha! After all, I know the real score. 🙂

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