A Modern Single Wide Remodel

I wanted to get you inspired for the 3 day weekend! Here’s a great single wide remodel that is very modern, futuristic and contemporary but still has a comfortable atmosphere.

The description on Houzz is “Small Kitchen in a trailer! Aluminum Cabinet. Inspiration to Fu-Tung Cheng, Cheng Design. Porcelain backsplash.”

Simple But Stunning Kitchen

The stainless steel backsplash and hood give the kitchen a focal point. The light cabinetry is a great way to break up a room while still having cohesion throughout and the white base on the walls, counters, and ceiling are great ways to add light to a home. This home is using all the interior designer tricks and is perfect for any single wide remodel!

Even though it’s small, this kitchen is well thought out. The hidden refrigerator is a smart touch, it gives the large appliance a home that doesn’t distract from the room. Added storage around the fridge is a great way to stash items, too. As you can see from the photos, the workflow triangle is utilized well. There’s a definitive path between stove, refrigerator, and sink, the 3 most used items in a kitchen.

This kitchen is not only beautiful, it’s high functioning as well.

The textured dark blue wall with light colored waves running through it adds a unique touch that doesn’t overpower. Even the light foam green wall is the perfect choice for this home. It adds color but allows the materials used in the area to make the biggest statement, not the color.

Well Thought Out Bathroom

The bathroom in this single wide is just as well thought out as the kitchen. Small spaces require that every inch be thought out and this bathroom is definitely well thought out.  Wall mounted faucets and square console sinks are a great combination for small spaces as it doesn’t clutter up the limited counter space. The towel bar built onto the cabinet is another great way to save space and keep the sleek, contemporary style by not having wall clutter.

Description: Wall mount mahogany vanity supporting a Corian countertop and basin with a powder-coated steel sub-top and towel bar.

Another great feature that is very modern is the rotating shelf system in the corner of the bathroom. It is a full-length mirror but also a shelving unit with an automatic lighting system. The description: Rotating mirror with cubby. When it is rotated into this position a magnetic switch turns on the LED edge-lit shelves.

A matching medicine cabinet with internal LED lights completes the look of this modern bathroom remodel.

The contractor’s website doesn’t give any additional information about this single wide remodel. Regardless, this is a great example of how you can modernize a single wide. I hope you have a safe weekend that is as fun as the single wide is!

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