Modern Single Wide Mobile Home Update

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous modern single wide mobile home update. I found this on HGTV’s website and I LOVE it! I’m sure you will too.

The owners found a typical single wide that was well maintained and they turned it into a gorgeous home with wise use of texture and color This before photo shows what the home looked like in the beginning. It’s you basic single wide with neutral palette and pitched roof.

After some hard word and dedication they ended up with a home that should be on the cover of a magazine!

This is beautiful! The dark grey wall with white accent and the natural wood surrounding the fireplace is a great combination. New flooring completes the whole look.

They also changed the dining room and kitchen. I haven’t quite figured out the layout of the home but I love the remodel so much I barely wonder where the kitchen is!


It looks like there’s a pantry at the right and the china cabinet is a great feature for storage. The built in island is another great feature. Notice the attached table with seating? Love it!

 The owner had this to say:

“My wife and I found this single wide mobile home in the mountains of North Carolina. The price was right, the location was great and with her great talent we got to work to make it a great little place in the mountains to get away”. 

Yes, sir, your wife has some true talent in choosing her materials and designs. That flooring is exactly the color I want! The use of grey with dark wood is perfectly matched.
This is a great way to update any mobile home. Using modern-contemporary style goes well with mobile homes since they already have sleek lines. Hope you have been inspired!

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  1. Crissy Roberts says

    I would love to submit my mobile home remodel..I’m not sure how to go about doing that. .if someone could advise me that would be wonderful. ..

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Crissy!

      My email is – Just email a few photos and a short description at first and then I’ll reply with some questions and a way for you to upload more photos if needed (either via email or through my online cloud storage). It’s simple! I am behind a few weeks (6-8) on the featured homes so if you submit today I should be able to publish it in August or September.


  2. Joyce treat says

    We own a 16×80 mobile home. I really want to make an extra bedroom. I got a pretty good size living room…I did not know if it would work with a wall that is not all the time up? Send me some ideas. thank you

  3. R.D. Hayes says

    I am currently redoing my mother’s rent mobile home and was looking for ideas. This is a great inspiration.

  4. Wade Wilson says

    You sure that's a mobile home? It looks more like your average cozy suburban pad to me.

  5. CrystalMHL says

    Lisa,I'll make sure Lynn see's this question…It is a lovely color! thanks so much!

  6. lisa says

    What is the name of the color paint above the white wainscot?

  7. CrystalMHL says

    Your blog is GORGEOUS! Love the design and header!! You have the makings of a wonderful home and I think I might can help, I could write a post about your project and get you some traffic, no one can help if they don't know about it!  If your up for it, just let me know! Since your starting so fresh, make sure your floors are good and your good and level, that's the foundation of the entire home so it has to be strong and straight (no weak spots at all) after that it's all down hill with basic remodel stuff: windows (yikes about the vandalism), doors, if you have the cash go ahead and insulate as best you can. I'm here if you need me:…there is a lot of info out there, unfortunately you gotta hunt it..Good Luck and hope to hear back from you!

  8. nada meeks says

    Wow, I knew we weren't the only ones who thought mobile homes could be made beautiful! Currently that s exactly what we ( my mother and I) are trying to do check us out : tips and pointers would be great .
    My recent post Clearing the Jungle

  9. CrystalMHL says

    This is definitely one of the best updates I've seen too..I'm trying to get in touch with the owners, I want to see more and I'm sure y'all do too! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting! Hopefully, if I can get in contact with them, I will have even more to show!

    1. Renee says

      Hi, Did you ever get in touch with the owners? I have just purchased a mobile home & from the living room picture it looks just like the layout of my new home! I have been having trouble finding the layout of a 14×70 97 Oakwood and would love to see more of what they’ve done…. Thank you so much!!

      1. Crystal Adkins says

        I’m sorry, I was never able to find the owners of this home. Sorry!

  10. Jeni says

    Wow! How inspiring! Thanks for this Crystal! :)

  11. Andrew says

    This is simply amazing! More proof that, with some creativity and vision, you CAN have a beautiful abode in the form of any mobile home. Five stars!

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