Smart Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Storage is one of those things you never really think about until you don’t have enough of it. But these ideas for smart storage solutions for small homes will make you want to make the most of your space for sure!

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I’ve learned a lot since we bought our small 1978 single wide six years ago.  I’ve had to get creative with our storage considering there were three people, two dogs, and a cat sharing less than 700 square feet of living space. I’ve been known to store a case of canned green beans that I found on sale at Dollar General for $4.00 under the futon. Extra toilet paper I found on sale went in my closet. Smart storage solutions for small homes like these below helped me a lot so I wanted to share them with you.

Thankfully, there are a lot of simple, inexpensive ways to create more storage in a home.  We have found some of our favorite products and ideas on Amazon for every room in the home.

Simple but Smart Storage Solutions for Small Homes 

Kitchen Storage Ideas

The kitchen is definitely one place where more storage is always needed. We need space to store small appliances, pots and pans, utensils, and special tools like that retro ice cream scooper I found at the flea market last week (it’s so cool).

sliding storage rack for kitchens - smart storage solutions for small homes

We can optimize storage in the kitchen by using every inch of space, even the crack between the refrigerator and the cabinets. For example, this slide out storage unit is great for small spice jars and condiments. I had a similar setup like this that I used in the walk-in pantry (yes, my 1978 single wide has a walk-in pantry and I LOVE IT.)

Another great inexpensive way to make more space in the kitchen is this cabinet organizer set. There are approximately 10-11″ between shelves in a kitchen cabinet but a stack of plates are only a couple of inches.  You can take advantage of that unused space with these wire shelves. The pot and pan lid organizers are great, too, just don’t get the one that hangs on the cabinet if you have shelves like I did. Oops.

kitchen and bathroom cabinet storage solutions - smart storage solutions for small homes

When canned goods are on sale we all want to stock up, but where to put it once we get it is always the challenge. Problem solved with this stackable can organizer!  These things are just awesome.

canned food storage system - smart storage solutions for small homes

Bathroom Storage Solutions

These easy storage solutions can make the most of a small bathroom. This is especially important if you have a teenage daughter like me. If I could just have one shelf to put my stuff on I’d be so happy!

This over-the-toilet space saving cabinet gives you both private storage and open shelving in an often unused area of the bathroom. You could put command hooks on the side to hold robes and back scratchers, or towels, but back scratchers are more important and should always be easy to find (just sayin’).

over the toilet cabinet - smart storage solutions for small homes

Take advantage of the space behind your door with this towel rack. You could use this for so many things: clothes, towels, washcloths, belts, and purses are just a few. The over the door hooks are what we use and they are awesome, too.
behind the door towel rack - smart storage solutions for small homes

Making Space in the Bedroom

I’ll give kudos to manufactured home builders when it comes to master bedroom closets – they are usually spacious. However, the single shelf 6′ up with the single bar under it isn’t the most constructive use of space. Closet organizations systems like the one below can make a good closet great.

These closet systems come in an assortment of sizes and designs so you can find exactly what will work for your needs. We have these in both closets.

complete closet organization systems - smart storage solutions for small homes

Scary things can’t hide under your bed if the space is being used! 

The space under your bed can be used to store just about anything: shoes, sweaters, curtains, sheets, and photo albums (which is exactly what is under my bed at this very moment).  These rolling under-the-bed storage carts come in various sizes so you can find one that will fit under your bed easily.

rolling baskets for under the bed- smart storage solutions for small homes

Stackable shelves are a big trend these days and perfect for just about any room or storage need. Use them to hold books in your living room, towels in your bathroom, or shoes at your door. You can find cloth cube baskets to fit into the shelves, too. My daughter has three beside her bed as a nightstand (but you don’t want to see her room, trust me).  Cube Shelf
stackable cube storage systems - smart storage solutions for small homes

I hope these ideas will help you make the most of your beautiful homes. These are all affiliate links so if you click on one and buy something we get 2-4% of the sale at no additional cost to you. It will help us pay server costs. Of course, a lot of these items are available at your local dollar store which is where I got most of mine (they are probably cheaper at the dollar stores, too).

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