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Make Spring Cleaning Your Mobile Home A Breeze With These 10 Tips

Finally, Winter is behind us and Spring is in the air. That means it is time to start Spring cleaning your mobile home. There’s just something about the sunshine and pretty weather that makes us want to give our home a refresh, and these 10 tips will help you do just that.

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1. Have a Plan

This is one time that having a list or two will be useful. Go through each room, and make a checklist of everything that needs to be cleaned. Next, make a list of cleaning supplies you will need. Multi-purpose cleaners and microfiber cloths will work on most surfaces but you will also need a few specialty cleaners. You can also make your own cleaners if you prefer. (Check out this article we found on Good Housekeeping for recipes of cleaners that actually work.) You’ll also need sponges, a mop and bucket, and your vacuum and attachments so that you can get all the nooks and crannies.

spring cleaning your mobile home checklist
Here’s a great example of a cleaning checklist!

(image from the happier homemaker)

2. Don’t Jump From Room to Room

Just as important as having a plan is to try not to jump from room to room. we don’t know about you, but we are the worst about losing concentration and not staying on task. We start with the best of intentions but then pick something up, take it into the other room to put it away, and get lost in another task, the first one forgotten. Try to stay on task. One good idea might be to keep a basket in the room you’re working in and that way you can sort it out after you finish the room.

3. Start at the Top (Don’t Forget the Ceiling!)

It should go without saying, but always start at the top and work your way down. There’s nothing worse than cleaning the floor first, then wiping down the ceiling fan and all the dust falling to the floor (not saying that I have ever done that), and having to go back and clean the floors again. And, surprisingly the ceiling gathers an amazing amount of dust throughout the Winter. A good duster or the attachment to your vacuum will work wonders to rid you of all that dust.

Hard to believe how much dust gathers on ceiling fans.

4. Take the Time to Declutter and Organize

It may seem like a huge undertaking to take the time to declutter and organize while Spring cleaning your mobile home but if you have the time it’s so worth it. After a long Winter and the holidays, we all have things that we need to get rid of. So take the time to go through the closets, pack away the Winter blankets and clothes and organize each room as you go, you’ll be glad you did. Y

Check out The Spruce for more decluttering tips.

5. Don’t Forget Behind the Fridge (or the Stove)

Behind the stove and the refrigerator are not spots that typically see much light, or see the business end of a broom very often. But, Spring is the perfect time to pull them out and give them a good cleaning. Take your vacuum attachment and clean the coils and the water lines running into the refrigerator. Also, be sure to wipe down the sides and back with a degreaser while you have it pulled out. The same goes for the stove. Even the best housekeeper will be surprised by what they will find behind and beside their stoves!

The perfect hiding spot for dust bunnies!

6. Wash the Windows, Blinds, and Curtains

When it comes to Spring cleaning, the windows and blinds are our least favorite chore. But, there’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from the sparkle that you get after the windows and blinds are cleaned and the curtains have been washed and put back up.

With windows like those, you definitely don’t want streaks.

7. Wipe Down the Walls and Baseboards

Once you have gotten the dust and grime off the windows, blinds, or curtains it’s time to work on the walls and baseboards. Most of the time a quick but thorough run-through with a dust brush will take care of the walls, and a magic eraser will usually take off the stubborn spots. Then it’s time to pull the vacuum again for the baseboards.

Don’t forget the baseboards.

8. Wash the Bedding and Flip Your Mattress

Spring is a great time to flip your mattress if you can and vacuum your box springs and under your bed frame. It’s also a good time to wash all the bedding and if you change out your Winter bedding to something more Spring like now is the time.

Once you have cleaned your room from top to bottom, add a touch of Spring to it.

9. Vacuum Out Your Vents

After that long Winter make sure you take the time to clean all the vents and returns in your home and change out all your filters. If necessary remove the vents and wash them to remove the dust and dirt, vacuum around the opening, allow the vents to dry and then replace.

Keep those returns dust free.

10. Disinfect All Thoe Touchable Surfaces

If there’s one thing these past couples of years have taught us it’s to disinfect. So, once you have finished spring cleaning your mobile home, there is one last thing to do on your list. Grab some of those disinfectant wipes and take a quick swipe at all those touchable surfaces. Make sure you get the door knobs, the light switches, and the remote controls too. If you aren’t already making this a regular practice (which most of us are already) try and get into the habit of doing this at least every couple of weeks, more so if someone in the family is sick.

These 10 tricks and tips for Spring cleaning your mobile home should get you started on that deep clean your home needs after a long Winter. Have a bit of advice we forgot? A music playlist perhaps that gets you in the cleaning mood? Or a tried and true way to get those windows a streak-free clean? Comment below and share it with our readers!

As always, thanks for reading Mobile Home Living®.

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