Double Wide Manufactured Home Premium

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  1. We are considering a double wide in a 55+ park in Maine. I have been surprised at the prices. New “afordable” homes are ranging from the low 200000 to almost 300. How to you see what previous homes sold for to compair.i have not been able to find sold prices on say Zillow. I am not sure how negotiable the prices are.

    1. Hi Ruth,

      I think your best bet may be the tax assessors office. In a lot of cases the homes are taxed as personal property so sites like Zillow wouldn’t have access to those databases. Best of luck!

  2. I keep coming back to this article as i am in the very early stages of deciding what my next home will be- yet another apartment, a condo, a town-home or a manufactured home. I am leaning towards manufactured but there is SO MUCH to consider, it’s really overwhelming and very easy for me to get discouraged and stop the process. I know where i want the home to come from (SKYLINE in PA) and i’ve already looked at several models. Now the next thing is… where to put the thing!? Plus i will NOT have any money to put towards a down payment which i think pretty much disqualifies me :( Regardless, I’ll keep looking to this website for help, advice and inspiration… wish me luck because i REALLY want this to happen, hopefully by next Spring… :)

    1. Hi Joseph!

      You are doing exactly what you need to be doing – researching and learning as much as you can about the industry and the homes. That’s the sign of a good buyer and a satisfactory buying process. Don’t let them sell you on the monthly payments, don’t let them pull credit until you are absolutely ready to buy, if you have a trade in don’t tell them till they can give you a definitive price on the new home. Make sure everything is in writing and don’t sign off after install until you pay a neutral third party to review everything. Spending a few hundred during the buying process will likely save you thousands down the road.

      Let me know how it goes and what model you ended up choosing! Best of luck!

  3. Thank you for putting together all of this information on mobile homes. People don’t have enough information on mobile homes, and they need help just like people with regular houses. Thank you