Federsl Pacific Panel Circuit Breaker Box

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  1. Holy cow! I have a Zinsco panel! Yikes! I need an electrician like yesterday. I am so thankful that I read your site!

    1. Hi Sandra, this is Pam (the author). I’m so happy that MMHL gave me the opportunity to write about this hidden hazard in so many of our mobile homes. My husband and I had NO idea that our panel was a problem. I was stunned to hear from my electrician that there are still MANY of these panels still in use (at least, here in Wisconsin). I hope MMHL and I reached as many people as possible, so as to get rid of these hazardous electric panels that, quite frankly, could cause a tragedy. Thanks for reading the article and MMHL. I wish you safety and happiness in your home.

  2. OMG. Add that to aluminum wiring widely used in the industry up until the 70s and it appears totally rewiring with a new electrical panel would be more than just an “upgrade”.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Replacing aluminum wiring and unsafe breaker boxes is a big hassle but it’s still a great way to turn an affordable mobile home into a safe, modern, and beautiful home so it’s worth it!

      Our 1978 single wide was completely rewired with a new breaker box installed in less than 2 days and it wasn’t as expensive as we initially thought. We have a great home that’s safe and it has cost less than $10,000. You can’t beat that!

      Thanks so much for reading MHL!

      1. That’s good to hear. You really are doing a valuable service with this site, Crystal. I had never heard of these substandard electrical panels before.

        I’m not much of a decorator, but I am always concerned about the “mechanical” side of things. Rewiring my old house in Van Nuys was essential: cloth wrapped wiring and old fashioned glass fuses, 1947 style.

        Best to you and your family. I love this website.