Featuring manufactured homes is my favorite thing to do on this blog. I love to see all the beautiful homes and also get to learn a bit about who lives in those homes.
Today’s featured home, a Colorado double wide is not only a great home, but the owner is a truly inspiring person.
Colorado Double wide
I got an email from Nicole, a reader of Mobile Home Living, saying that she had found this really nice manufactured home on Zillow.com (thank you so much , Nicole!). I clicked the link and would have never known it was a manufactured home had it not stated so in the description. It just looked like a little cottage painted the greatest colors ever!
Colorado Double wide

If you’re not familiar with Zillow, it is an online real estate market. All the homes are for sale either by owners or agents. On the bottom of the page, you can contact the owner and that’s what I did. I wrote who I was and that I wanted to see if I could feature her home on MHL.

Kathryn, the owner of this colorful cottage said yes! Not only was she kind enough to let me feature her home, she also answered the interview questions, too!

I simply thought this would be a great featured home, some more great inspiration for you all. I never knew that by reading Kathryn’s interview it would make me feel so thankful. We’ve all had health problems but Kathryn beat liver cancer!

Her attitude makes this home even more special. Not only is it great inspiration for our homes, it’s also an inspiration for those of us that need a little reminder sometimes of just how lucky we are.

The Interview

Name: Kathryn Alexander
Location: San Lazaro Park, Boulder, Colorado
Model/Year/Manufacturer/Size: 1972, Embassy
Years Lived in: 14 
My favorite style: Eclectic
My Inspiration: Recovering from stage 3b liver cancer with no chemo or radiation (this is the only thing that saved me!), outpatient surgery resulting in a punctured colon, right hip replacement repair, left hip replacement and operation to repair colon.
Painting was my way of showing myself that I was on the road back. The entire house was white inside. I had a very special 80+-year-old friend paint the ceiling. It was a revelation how different the hues felt when the ceiling was painted the right color of white, it felt 6 feet higher.
Favorite room/place in the home: Bedroom in the morning light!
Colorado Double wide
Colorado Double wide
Biggest Challenge so far: scale in the water system, I had no hot water in the kitchen and no one knew why. When I replaced the faucet it still didn’t work, then the man who replaced my toilet (same problem) volunteered to fix the sprayer and in so doing removed the scale and now I have hot water in the kitchen! What friends say: They love it! The yard especially!

Biggest Embarrassment: When I got Rowdy, my rescue dog I asked the neighbor to let him out when I couldn’t make it home. He pulled Rowdy out of the closet to take him out in the yard. Then he locked himself out so he stuffed Rowdy through the dog door. Rowdy has never forgotten that and he still follows my neighbor from one end of his house to the other barking at him. He barks even when he opens the refrigerator door. He IS getting better…

Proudest DIY moment: When I finished the painting job!

Colorado Double wide


Biggest Indulgence: Picking my own colors!
Best advice: Follow your heart, white is mostly about laziness – go for broke! And don’t forget the ceiling!
Sources of materials/supplies for remodeling: Paint store – I’d use a different brand next time.
Colorado Double wide
Colorado Double wide
Colorado Double wide
Colorado Double wide
This home is currently for sale. For more information please contact Kathryn through Zillow here.

Thank you, Kathryn, for allowing us a peek into your Colorado double wide!

As always, thank you so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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