1959 Spartan Mansion Remodel

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  1. other brilliant things these homes had: ours had a pocket framed in along the front end that you could slide screeens and storm window down into… also, they all had the option of a couch included that was jack knife. When you lifted up the bottom, you could make a double bed. There was also an open are that was good for linens, blankets, and of course, our board games. Bed areas had drawers under them. If camper companies wanted some ideas, all they need to do is look at these homes.

  2. Talk about a blast from the past…. my grandmother lived in one of these for a while. My brother and his new wife lived in one of these for a while. In the colder areas, some of the manufacturers run the plumbing on the inside through a chase, a long square tube along the wall. it carries water lines. That lessens the chance of freeze up, and does make it easier to work on plumbing. the drawback of course being that any leaks are ON YOU FLOOR. The heater worked well, but takes so much floor space I would opt for something more compact using a b-vent in lieu of a chimney. One thing they did back then, was use every peanut sized space for storage, except for the built in!! I love that use of dead space. And yes, they were built by craftsmen. Love the job you did and the love of the original woodwork.

    1. just had a thought… if that plumbing chase base was somewhat slanted, you might be able to ensure any water from a leak would go out just inside of the wall, thus saving the beautiful blond wood. Just so much easier to address plumbing issues, i always thought it practical. I am in OK, and have one part of my water line that freezes when it is windy and bitter cold. it is between the wall and the bathtub, with no way to see in, let alone run water lines. Cant get heat tape in there…. any suggestions would be welcome…. its just not the best design possible.

  3. Beautiful Home. I’d love to see that in person. It screams COZY. Just a couple questions. How is the home heated,? also, is home on septic tank system or public sewer? Great job. Good taste. I have a double wide home in Salt Lake City. While it’s very attractive and functional, it doesn’t have the charm of this great Spartan.

    1. Good morning Earl,
      My home has its original Gas/Propane central heating furnace. The heat is ducted through the floors. It stays nice and cozy, even in the Montana winters. I have the home parked on private land. It is connected to a septic system and private well.
      Thank you for asking. I have enjoyed living in my ‘cabin in Montana’.

      1. Hello, I am in Montana as well and am looking at possibly getting one of these … did you need to do anything as far as updating or adding to insulation?

    1. Awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know about it! I look forward to watching your progress! Maybe we can get together and get it featured when you’re finished!

      Thanks so much!

  4. Love your home! It reminds me so much of our first home. Our trailer was 8’by 32′. My parents also let us put it on their property. Husband finished last year of college (U of M) used the sale of our trailer for our deposit on first house. Lots of good memories. We will be celebrating our 53 anniversary this summer and your article brought back so many happy memories.

  5. The way they included and enclosed the little laundry combo is incredible! Love that. And, I appreciate how they converted the kitchen to all-electric. Most folks rarely use more than two burners at a time anyway! Really nice job! I’d live in it! :)

  6. Beautiful trailer.

    I just hope they were not smokers.
    Most of the older ones I have seen, and been in, had that stale ash tray scent to them that just will not come out no matter how hard you clean.

    1. Hi Michael! Smoke is a hard thing to get out of a home. It coats everything! I’ve read that there is some new product now that can help remove the tar (or whatever it is that sticks to everything) but I can’t remember the name of it. I’ve also heard that vinegar will soak the smell up. I wouldn’t let a little smoke get in the way of owning a great vintage mobile home though..lol

      Thanks for commenting! Hope to hear from you again :)

      1. There’s a great product available through Amazon called Room-Shocker. I believe it’s ozone based but not sure. I used it to get rid of skunk smell after two of them died under my home. It works fantastic. It’s a bit pricey but worth every penny. It’s supposed to work on all types of odors. I think you have to clear out people and pets for a short time during use.

  7. Thanks for sharing so many photos! I can not believe how well the owners took care of this. What a find! The updates in the kitchen are perfect too! Wow… so many windows!!

  8. Living my dream. Great trailer to start with, I can only dream of owning a “lovely” like that! Great job and what a lovely place to be able to park it!

  9. WOW! What a well care for old beauty. When can I move in? Too bad most parks won’t allow such homes as this into their parks. There is a lot to be said for the older 8 ft. wide mobile homes of yesteryear of the 40’s, 50’s , and 60’s…

    1. I asked the owner the same thing! It is silly that these homes aren’t accepted in parks often. Spartans, and most other mobile homes from that era, are well made and have timeless designs. Thanks for commenting! Hope to hear from you again.

  10. What a great article! Ya gotta love the eclectic blend of design – the inside as comfortable as can be, and the outside (to me anyway) resembling a cross between an old 40’s diner car with a dash of art nouveux. Of course, these old mobiles have a special place in my heart since my grandparents also lived one for quite some time. (Though nowhere near as nice as Russell’s.) He’s done a fantastic job on everything. Just shows what you can do with a lot of positive energy and some love!
    My hat’s off to you, Russell!