Impressive Vintage Mobile Home Restoration: 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

This 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion is one impressive vintage mobile home restoration! It

The Spartan Trailer company focused on high-end luxury models and paid attention to every detail. That’s why there are still so many today – they were built with quality materials and they paid attention to every detail,

This vintage mobile home restoration is a perfect example of the simple beauty that vintage mobile homes are so known for.

The owner, Russel Logan, has done a perfect job of keeping the Spartan as original as possible while still updating it for modern living convenience.

1959 spartan mansion remodel

Russell Logan is the proud owner of this gorgeous 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion. It was owned by a couple that kept it in one park for over 50 years and only used it as a vacation home for 2 weeks each year.

When the park closed they decided to sell the gorgeous vintage mobile home. Russell scooped it up from Craigslist with no questions asked and he got a great deal! He bought it for about the same price the home sold for in 1959 (maybe even a little cheaper).

As you can see, this home is all original but has had a small vintage mobile home restoration. Russell only repaired and updated what was needed and did a wonderful job of keeping it as original as possible.

From the gorgeous ceiling to the beautiful floors, this home has everything a person needs. Spartan really knew what they were doing more than 50 years ago!

Lots of Windows Can Create a Problem

Russell’s only qualm about living in the 1959 spartan imperial mansion is the windows. He said he was sure he will be caught with the window blinds up one day, especially since the home has 14 windows!

 ” Since my home is like an aquarium, I will probably get caught – well – with less clothing than I desire one day.”

1959 imperial mansion interior remodel - living room

The Interview 

Russell was kind enough to answer some questions for us.

 The following is our interview with Mr. Russell Logan of Plains, Montana, the lucky owner of this glorious 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion, 8’ X 39’.

His vintage mobile home restoration focused on updating the home for modern full-time living while keeping it as original as possible. That’s not an easy task to do.

If you are in the process of your own vintage mobile home restoration or if you own a 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion the following interview should be helpful.

1959 spartan imperial mansion end view

Inspiration for 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

My Grandparents lived in a 50’s mobile home for many years.  Some of my fondest memories as a child were of vacations spent with my grandparents.  Their home was parked in a small trailer park in northern California.  Nana, Papa, and us kids would play in the creek running along the park, pick berries and just have way too much fun…..  Their trailer epitomized ‘home’ for me.

1954 Spartan Meets Modern Day Living.

Favorite Room in Home

 I am fortunate to have very generous parents.  They’ve allowed me to park my trailer at the rear of their property.  I face the Clark Fork River., and have mountain views in all directions, as far as you can see.  My favorite room is the den which has windows on all three exterior walls.  I see views no matter where I’m looking, and my cat (Baby) can see birds and wildlife all day long.

1959 spartan vintage mobile home

Biggest Challenge while Remodeling a Vintage Mobile Home

My biggest challenge was finding a location to park my home.  Most cities and towns in Montana limit home placement to models that were manufactured after 1995.  Since my jewel was born in 1959….. I was a bit stuck.  Mom and Dad came through and allowed me to place my home on their property.  I guess my second biggest challenge was re-plumbing…..  They must have used little people to get their arms in all those tiny spaces between the layers of the floors.

1959 spartan imperial mansion - vintage mobile home restoration
0riginal light fixtures in 1959 spartan

A ’56 Spartan Executive Mansion.

 What friends say about the 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion

My friends are either very complimentary and want me to sell the home to them as a vacation home.  The others are amazed that I can live in less than 400 square feet.  They all like the home, though.

Original builtins in 1959 spartan imperial mansion
1959 spartan imperial mansion decor

Proudest DIY moment

My home has all the original cabinetry and closets.  The doors and drawers were all in wonderful shape, but each piece of wood making up the frames had faded a different shade.  I took one of the cabinet doors to the local hardware store to get paint color matched.  I was a bit leery at first since I live in a very small ‘frontier’ area.  But, Margaret at the local Do-it-best store was a miracle worker.  She matched the color perfectly!  I was able to paint the entire framework as well as the interior of all the cabinets and closets with a perfectly matching color.  It made the kitchen, bathroom and closets look new!  That was my first project, which of course led to more fun improvements.

Laundry room in 1959 imperial mansion

Kitchen before remodel of 1959 spartan imperial mansion
1959 spartan mobile home kitchen

Biggest Indulgence

My biggest indulgence so far has been my kitchen. Originally my home had a Formica type of product on the countertops as well as the backsplash walls.  It was a deep oxblood color that had faded, and in some areas, the finish was just gone.  

I removed all of this, finding that I needed new countertops completely.  So, I re-built these, using all new materials.  Then, with the help of my parents, took on my first tile job.  We cut and installed 4” square porcelain tile.  It turned out great!  The backsplashes were finished with commercial grade wallpaper providing a nice clean look, as well as being easy to keep clean.

Also, instead of re-installing the HUGE white stove, I installed a drop-in two burner cooktop with a convection microwave below.  I took out the oversized double sink, replacing it with a smaller stainless steel single sink; the same size as the cooktop.  On the opposite side of the kitchen, I removed the again HUGE refrigerator that stuck out into the room and installed a built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator.  Now no appliances stick into the room – giving it a much more spacious look and feel.

Best Advice

My best advice to anyone purchasing an older mobile home – be flexible.  Everything made today may not fit the older homes.  A lot of items were ‘custom’ made by the manufacturer.  Just be patient, measure about half a dozen times, then measure again!

Landscaping around vintage mobile home

Sources of Materials and Supplies for Vintage Mobile Home Restoration

With the exception of the paint, nails, and screws which I got at the local hardware store, the bulk of my materials came from the Home Resource.  The Home Resource is a Missoula based – nonprofit – home and materials recycling center.  

I was able to obtain my cooktop, tile, commercial wallpaper, sink (pink bathroom one also), light fixtures and much more.  All the items from the Home Resource were new old stock items that had been donated to clear out old warehouses.   I feel good about all my purchases.  I was able to keep the ‘flavor’ of my home while being environmentally conscious about my purchases.

Patio around 1959 spartan mansion mobile home

This is one of the most immaculate vintage mobile homes I have seen.

The paneling is original as is the ceiling (as far as I can tell). Fortunately, the previous owners took great care of this home and now Russell is doing a marvelous job of continuing that care. A Spartan can even make a snowstorm look like a paradise, see:

1959 spartan imperial mansion in snow

Spartan Company History

Spartan’s are one of the most popular vintage mobil homes. They were top of the line when they were made and that is evident by their ability to stand the test of time.

The Spartan Aircraft Company produced luxury aluminum airplanes during WWII. After the war, they had a top-of-the-line factory, materials and supplies for airplanes construction but no one was buying planes anymore. They needed to build something that people were going to buy and campers were a near perfect fit for the tools and materials they had on hand. Because their airplanes had been called the limousines of the sky it was only right that their campers be just as luxurious and high-end.

You can read more about the Spartan Company history here.

Thank you, Russell, for sharing your wonderful vintage mobile home restoration of a 1959 Spartan Imperial Mansion with us. You certainly are living the vintage mobile home dream that so many of us have!

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