Even More Vintage Mobile Home Ads

It’s Sunday, and that means more vintage ads to share!

I’ve found some lovelies for you this week. The 1964 Pacemaker especially intrigued me. This is an actual advertisement and Pacemaker did produce a mobile home with an arched roof. However, in the real photo I found the arch was not as prominent but I am almost positive the home has had a roof replacement.

This feature is both genius and a bit problematic at the same time. Genius because an arch is the strongest structural shape known to man and problematic because there could be standing water in the marriage joint of the double wide. All they had to do to alleviate that is give a slight slant, so I’m sure they did. I can’t find anything else about them online nor can I find a double wide photo, hopefully one day I can find some literature or an owners manual on one.

Hope you enjoy these beautiful pieces of history: 

1964 Pacemaker single wide

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  1. jon hughes says

    looking for 1962 or 63 general 16 wide expando mobile home info.

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