Small Dreams, Trailer Parks in Palm Springs: A Typology

I love stumbling upon awesome online finds! This one is a pure gem, except the word trailer could be changed to the more appropriate wording of mobile home. I digress though.  Feast your eyes on 24 gorgeous mobile homes, all part of a photography typology by Jeffrey Milstein.

Small Dreams, Trailer Parks in Palm Springs.
2006 – 2009, archival digital prints, 24 x 36” to 40 x 60”
Small Dreams presents a typology of the post WWII trailers that popped up in Palm Springs, California. Early models were made using surplus sheet metal and the technology developed to make World War II aircraft. Over the years people would add on, remodel, and create mini gardens and decorative statements. Shot from the same straightforward angle, each exterior facade photograph reflects on the nuanced details and expressive personalized touches of their inhabitants.

I love how each has their own personalities. I love the artistic value of the whole series and would love to have them all. Hope you enjoyed them as well. Just goes to show you that you can turn a mobile home into anything you can think of, even an Egyptian theme.

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  1. CrystalMHL says

    You are so lucky and 'cultured' Steve..Mr. Lievo is an attorney that
    has helped countless parks and people in CA..I really look up to him
    and his passion for the people in mobile home parks..I don't think he
    ever seen that comment but I am STILL very honored that he saw this
    blog and actually was a very special moment for me!

  2. CrystalMHL says

    Hi Mr. Leivo,

    I'm a HUGE fan of yours! I have read darn near everything you have
    ever written on mobile home parks and communities and would love to
    sit down with you one day and just talk about all the things you know.
    You are a wonderful voice for the people. Thank you so much for
    commenting on my blog! You have made my week!

    I love that you have started a blog and will gladly do whatever I can
    to help you get the word out. Thank you so much for your positivity
    and for being a voice for people that need it the most.

    Readers: Go to and read! Mr. Carl Leivo
    has written several pieces about and for the people living in mobile
    home parks and communities. He fights for tenant rights and has a book
    coming out soon which I can't wait to get my hands on..

    Always a fan,