What Refrigerator Brands Break the Most: Quick Anti-Rating

When choosing a refrigerator, the first thing people pay attention to is the brand. A familiar brand is usually more trusted. But this is not always right because a popular manufacturer of good TVs can also make kitchen appliances. At the same time, some brands specialize exclusively in kitchen equipment and are not widely known. We have collected the worst models of brand refrigerators in terms of reliability and quality. So, what refrigerator brands break the most? Read on to find out!

What refrigerators break down most often?

Before buying expensive household appliances, check out the anti-rating of models and find out what refrigerators break break the most often. If you have already bought an expensive model and the breakdown happened, you can always call the appliance repair service Mississauga. In general, we recommend you avoid the purchase of these branded models:

1) Liebherr CBNesf 3913

This is an expensive model, costing over $1,000 with an extensive feature set. According to consumer reviews, this is a really roomy, convenient refrigerator that perfectly preserves food. As practice shows, the Liebherr CBNesf 3913 is highly likely to break down in the first three years, which is not a time for such an expensive household appliance. Freon leaks are among the most common problems for this model.

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2) Bosch KIS38A51

This is perhaps the most unfortunate option among all the appliances of this brand. It costs over 600 dollars and is distinguished by rather capacious chambers and a pleasant design. Surprisingly, the “weakest part” is not the electronic control unit at all, but the hinges and sealing. There are cases when within 5 years it was necessary to change the hinges four times! Just imagine how inconvenient it is to contact repairs so often.

3) Indesit B 18 FNF

The price of this refrigerator is almost two times lower than in the previous model — only $350. This is quite a decent household appliance with rather good characteristics. Unfortunately, there are also significant drawbacks — the compressor makes a loud noise during operation and clicks even louder when turned on. Another disadvantage is the poor quality of the plastic. Freezer containers break down very quickly. This refrigerator model is also characterized by more serious breakdowns, for example, a compressor. It’s nice if it has a warranty, but what if it’s not? To carry out repairs, you will have to pay a fairly tangible amount. For more affordable prices — contact the professionals from https://fixappliances.ca/toronto-appliance-repair/

4) Zanussi ZBB 47460 DA

At first glance, this is a luxurious multi-door refrigerator with several spacious and roomy compartments. The price of the model is more than $2.500, and for this money, the client has the right to expect a high-quality and reliable unit with a modern design. But it seems that the pleasant design is the only good thing about this refrigerator, as it is inconvenient and breaks very often. An approximate list of the most common malfunctions includes the failure of the hinges and the control unit and too high humidity inside the refrigerator compartment. Another disadvantage is the narrow and height-adjustable shelves.

How to protect yourself from buying a bad refrigerator?

The crucial and the most expensive component of the refrigerator is the compressor. It is responsible for power consumption, cooling, and noise levels. Therefore, when choosing a refrigerator, be sure to ask what compressor it is equipped with. The same model can be equipped with different compressors. It depends on the manufacturer and place of assembly. If you buy the fridge in an online store – ask this question to the manager. As a last resort, check the documentation and reviews online.

Compressors of the same brand may differ in terms of service life. It all depends on the type and model. But there are compressor manufacturers that have too many complaints. According to the owners of refrigerators and specialists servicing them, it’s not worth the risk of buying equipment with compressors by АСС, Electrolux, Merloni, Embraco, and Jiaxipera.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, follow these simple rules:

● buy a refrigerator in a store that provides reliable warranties;
● take an already proven model, which has positive reviews;
● in addition to the price, pay attention to such points as the absence of an unpleasant odor and the elasticity of the seals;
● buy models with inverter compressors, preferably two (they save energy, but they need some protection against the voltage drops).

Remember that it is better to pay more and buy a truly reliable refrigerator that will last more than 10 years. So, do your own research before buying this appliance and enjoy the long and flawless operation!

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