Worx TriVac Review

My Worx Trivac Leaf Blower Story

I hate infomercials. The products are usually junk and the salespeople are annoying as hell. In my entire adult life I have never purchased anything off of television. I am a born pessimist and everything is a rip off to me. I am also a cheapskate, which can be a handy thing to be sometimes.

I am now the owner of the Worx TriVac WG500, but I didn’t get it through the infomercial and I didn’t pay full price. I had stopped to chat with one of my many great neighbors as she was raking leaves a week or so ago. I mentioned how I needed a leaf blower because I was tired of getting blisters raking all the leaves. My WV backyard is surrounded by tall, healthy trees that release a thousand tons of leaves every fall. I then continued the conversation saying I had watched an infomercial about a new leaf blower that had a one switch mulcher in it and how great it looked on TV but I doubted it truly worked that well. Much to my surprise, she replied that her mother-in-law had been trying to sell hers (that had never been used due to health problems) at her most recent garage sale.

My ears always perks up when they hear garage sale! I asked a few questions (did it really work? she had never took out of the box How much did she want for it?around $80+/- Did it come with all the parts? yes) and after hearing the answers I told her I wanted it. That is so unlike me, to buy something that is nonreturnable without trying it out. That’s how much I trust my neighbors though. A few days later it was sitting on my back porch and paid for. I paid less than the 3 payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling they ask for on the infomercial and when I opened the box I could immediately tell it had never even been plugged in.

Saturday was finally pretty enough and dry enough to try out the new toy Worx TriVac. I easily attached the bag, plugged in the extension cord and off I went. One tip for you: I always tape the extension chord to the outlet on all my safe power tools, not saws or anything that can hurt you, that keeps you from accidentally pulling it out. It has way more power than I expected from an electric blower. It moved a 2″x2″ rock anywhere I wanted it to go (yes, I play with my power tools).

The leaves was at it’s mercy for about 3 hours straight.

I noticed 2 important things about the Worx Trivac:
  1.  The handle is not long enough for me (I’m only 5’4″-I bet tall men hate this thing) and the blower ends at an awkward angle which means to get the most air under the leaves you have to hold it down (apprx. 2-3 inches from the ground) that’s hard with such a short handle.
  2. It also sucks in thru the vacuum at the same time it is blowing, which means if you get to close to the leaves or debris, your going to get leaves sucked into the vacuum without the impeller turning (NOT a good thing at all).

I flipped the switch and used the machine as a mulcher for only a few minutes because I couldn’t get the bag attachment off at all! With no way to empty the mulch, I could only use it till the bag was full. I guess I’ll have to have the hubby get it off so I can continue the mulching this weekend. Since I have not seen the mulch yet, I have no idea how well it mulches. I hope to update you on that sometime this week or weekend.

UPDATE: I watched a bit of the infomercial this morning and there is zipper on the back of the bag that I had no idea about. There is also a way to lower or raise the blowing power that I had not known about. With this new information, I will raise my opinion a tad. Only a tad though.

I went to Amazon to read the reviews there (research!). Needless to say, the complaints I have are the same complaints everyone else has. I wanted to hurry up and get this out there just in case one of my beloved reader’s was thinking of buying the Worx. If you have an extra $100 or so laying around and have nothing better to do with it, go ahead and get the Worx.

Although the airwaves are jammed with these infomercials, especially this time of year, I think there has to be a better product out there for you.  Perhaps a push along vacuum/mulcher on wheels. Now THAT would be handy!
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