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Total Mobile Home Transformation

Updated January 22, 2019

Brian and Melissa needed to find their daughter a place to live in her new college town three hours away. Having owned several rental properties over the years they wanted to take advantage of the situation and buy another investment property. Ultimately, they bought a property with a site-built home and 2 single wide mobile homes. Unfortunately, the mobile homes were in awful condition but they saw potential in them. After a ton of hard work they completed a total mobile home transformation that we just had to share.

Check out their blog called “Melissa and Brian’s Great DIY Adventure!

Total Mobile Home Transformation

It doesn’t matter what you have, it’s what you do with it that matters!

I have the utmost respect for these mobile home owners. It’s hard to see potential in a home when it’s in such terrible shape. Here is what the mobile home looked like in the beginning:

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.58.54 PM

From The Ground Up

Melissa and Brian decided to start fresh and completely gutted the mobile home. This gave them an opportunity to replace damaged framing, insulation, wallboard, and subflooring.

They replaced everything!

The inside went through a magnificent change during this total mobile home transformation.

Gutting the Home

In the image below you can see the family ripping up the subflooring in the mobile home. They’ve already removed the walls and the ceiling will be next.

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.41.11 PM

The next image shows what a mobile home that has been stripped to the studs looks like. They’ve installed new subflooring and windows and are starting to add insulation in the walls.

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.40.05 PM
Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.41.22 PM
Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.41.25 PM

You can see the studs and the back of the metal siding in the image above.

Installing New Insulation

Brian and Melissa had new insulation installed throughout the home. They are measuring fiberglass batt insulation to fit between the studs:

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.39.09 PM

You can also see new French doors were installed for the front door.

Learn how to install new insulation to your mobile home here.

New Sheetrock

After the insulation was installed they hung the sheetrock. It’s always a good idea to install the sheetrock to the ceiling first and then add it to the walls so that the sheetrock on the walls can act as a ledge to hold the ceiling.

new insulation in mobile home

Completed Mobile Home Transformation

Once the sheetrock and flooring were installed, Brian and Melissa used trim to cover the seams instead of mudding. This gives the home a more country-cabin look.

total new drywall getting painted - mobile home transformation
total new drywall getting painted - mobile home transformation - interior complete

Total Mobile Home Transformation – New Exterior and Roof

One of the best part’s of this total mobile home transformation is the new siding and updated roof. New mobile home siding can be a complete game-changer for an older mobile home.

Many older, smaller mobile homes with flat roofs wont be strong enough to hold a new gabled roof. To remedy that, you must give the new roof its own support.

It’s hard to see in the image below but the design of the new mobile home roof over is what they call a lean-to design. There is a single pitch over the home. The porch’s roof will have an opposite pitch.

The posts you see every 6′ or so have been installed in the ground below the frost line to give the new roof a proper support. Learn more about mobile home roofs here.

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 At 9.39.48 PM

By framing over the original roof you have minimal trash and less manpower needed. You simply frame it out and then add the metal. Metal roofing is a lot cheaper than shingles in most cases.

new roof going over mobile home
new roof framing over single wide
new roof going over mobile home  - with porch
new siding and roof installed on old mobile home
completed mobile home transformation

This total mobile home transformation is both inside and out and is a great example of remodeling and updating a mobile home.

The rental income that they can get from this property will pay for the remodel several times over. The fact that they have 2 mobile homes on one piece of property doubles their income.

So much can be achieved when an older mobile home gets updated and this total mobile home transformation proves it.

I hope this small mobile home transformation gives you some inspiration for your own mobile home remodel. That’s what Mobile Home Living is all about!

As always, Thanks for reading Mobile Home Living!

Crystal Adkins created Mobile Home Living in 2011 after buying a 1978 single wide and searching online for mobile home remodeling ideas but finding very little. Today, it's the most popular resource in America for mobile home information and inspiration and has been visited over 40 million times.



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