Affordable Exterior Design Ideas for Sustainable Outdoor Living

Explore the latest outdoor living trends, from shade solutions to edible gardens, and discover how to create a sustainable and stylish outdoor space.

Design and sustainability are important to most Americans but so are price and longevity. Here’s a few of our favorite affordable exterior design ideas for sustainable outdoor living.

Affordable Exterior Design Ideas

Thanks to advances in outdoor living products it’s easy to find affordable and environmentally friendly products.

Americans are spending more and more time outside thanks to innovative products that cool, calm, clean, and comfort. Being environmentally friendly is important too.

These are few of our favorite ideas and products.

Creating shade for Your outdoor living space

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The first focus for any new outdoor living space should be shade for both sun protection and temperature control. You can find fairly affordable blinds and shades that are easy to install on Amazon.

However, blinds and shades do more than just cool. They safeguard furnishings from fading,, provide privacy, and protect us from UV rays.

Smart Landscaping Ideas for Sustainable Outdoor Living

Edible Gardens Makes Sense for

Edible gardens just makes sense especially at today’s prices. Here’s a few unpopular products like for our own edible gardens.

Raised beds reduces the effort required to maintain a healthy and nutritious food factory. Raised beds have great drainage and the height protects your food factory from critters too.

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Choose indigenous plants

Including native plants on your property is smart. There’s no sense in fighting mother nature so make sure you chose plants that are native to your area.

Backyards should reflect your family’s lifestyle just as much as your living room. However it should always respect the ecosystem around it.

update a new manufactured home - gardening

Native plants also do well without much care or water because they are accustomed to the local climate.

drought-resistant and native plants

The ‘year-round yard’ trend

Americans want to take advantage of their outside areas all year but , not just in the summertime. In order to use their patios, yards, and porches all year long sustainably, homeowners are looking at ways to make them more cozy and appealing.

Porous pavers and blocks are cool

Modular retaining walls, raised beds, patios, and even driveways made of porous pavers are popular. Not only are they environmentally friendly but they are handy to have if you have cold winters.

Outdoor furniture sustainability is also key in deciding what you buy and from where. Sustainable furnishing is all the rage which usually means expensive. Make sure you research and get what you pay for.

Porous pavers hold heat and then release it at a certain temperature (nighttime). That heat minimizes snow and ice build-up. No more expensive ice and snow removal products and services!

Driveways and walkways particularly benefit from heat retaining porous pavers.

Other environmentally friendly products we like are irrigation systems and rainwater collection systems. Both must be installed correctly and likely inspected to meet LEED accreditation.

Efficient heating is the best method to convince your loved ones to spend time outside. Therefore, you can combine an EcoSmart Fire with an electric radiant heater, which helps you create a beautiful ambiance where everybody feels warm.

Having an environmentally friendly outdoor space helps you more than it hurts your wallet. Most products that meet the earth-friendly award of the week will pay for itself quickly

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