This extreme single wide home remodel is fabulous and extreme is definitely the best word to describe this complete home transformation. The owners took an older single wide and completely transformed it into a beautiful dream home that is huge! Here’s the single wide before the total remodel:

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel before\ extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel

I applaud the owners ability to see the potential this single wide had. Completely remodeling a home is not easy but they did a remarkable job. Some people would see a mobile home like that and think it was ready for the junk yard, others can envision what the home could become and think of the endless possibilities. These homeowners are certainly in the later group! Here’s is the kitchen after the transformation.  The style reminds me of a mixture of  Tuscan and traditional and it is gorgeous! The pale cabinetry and marble counter tops and back splash adds to the custom design. There’s a lot of great ideas in this room. Recessed lights along with pendant lights are always a popular choice for kitchens and for good reason, a well lighted room is essential for tasty cooking. You can easily change the style of the decor by simply changing the pendants if the need ever arises. You can see that this kitchen is trimmed with wide, architectural trim. Trim is great tool to give any room or home a completed look. It doesn’t have to be traditional or decorative, a simple or plain trim can really make the whole room pop!

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after

The light monotone color palette used in the kitchen is very eye-pleasing. Subtle creams and whites allow the pale cabinetry to be the prominent feature of the room and not the back splash, flooring or appliances.

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after 4

Surrounding the refrigerator with floor to ceiling cabinetry is an excellent way to have storage close by. It also makes the refrigerator look like a built-in piece of furniture as opposed to just an appliance.

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after 2

Instead of having the dishwasher close to the sink , where everyone can see it as soon as they walk through the back door and glance toward the kitchen, the owner opted to put hers out of sight. She added a small bar sink close by for convenience and stated that it is working out well for her.

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after 3

Varying height levels is another great way to add style to a home or room. Sometimes varying heights are necessary in construction, especially when you are building onto an existing home and need to transition to a new room. Use the differences and angles to your advantage. Trim them out and make it a feature of the room by adding additional lighting or decor.

extreme manufactured home kitchen remodel after 5

That was just the kitchen, we still have the rest of the home to enjoy!

 The Dining Room

The dining room is right beside the kitchen. The arch is a great feature that frames both rooms.

extreme manufactured home remodel after 6

This room has an unique structure along with the arch. Shelving and ‘cubby-holes’ are utilized in the room. I’m guessing the builders needed a way to transition the new build onto the single wide and this was how they got it all to play well together.

extreme manufactured home remodel after 5

You don’t have to have the same style in every room but it can make a home  look joined and cohesive if you do.

extreme manufactured home remodel after 4

All the different lighting is displayed here. Matching styles and warm bulb colors are a great idea to join 2 areas together.

extreme manufactured home remodel after 3

extreme manufactured home remodel after 2

This home is so beautiful! The owners did such a great job with the architectural elements and the decor. It’s a warm and welcoming space that has great lighting and color. I just love everything about it!

The Living Room

Here is the living room:

extreme manufactured home remodel living room 3

Traditional decor will always be in style.

extreme manufactured home remodel living room 4

If I’m not mistaken, you can see the ceiling of the original single wide in this photo. The lower ceiling is the original mobile home and the cathedral ceiling is the addition. Using the recessed lighting in the lower section makes it all look as if it were designed this way from the beginning and not just an addition built onto a mobile home.

extreme manufactured home remodel living room 2 Even the dogs love this house!

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3 Responses

  1. Evelyn Kelly

    Your kitchen looks fabulous. I liked your cabinet’s colour as I have painted my cabinet with simple white colour but now seeing your kitchen I am very curious to change my kitchen room.

  2. Evie tracy

    Love house tour!! I think you had spent awful amount of time re-designing your place. Kitchen update is quite impressive .I bought a condominium that needed some remodeling. While the bathrooms were usable, they weren’t pretty. Keeping the bathroom renovation on budget is important for me as I have to do major kitchen renovation too. I love your bathroom and you have utilized every single space pretty well , would love to copy some of your ideas to make rooms more functional and organized.

  3. Michelle

    This was just done so well! The attention to detail really makes this home gorgeous.


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