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Double Wide Gets an Awesome DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover

Double Wide Gets an Awesome DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover

If you like the popular primitive country style you are going to love this double wide’s DIY rustic cabin makeover!

When George and Donna first purchased their 1990 Horton double wide they had plans to flip it and then buy a traditional site-built home with the proceeds. That plan changed after they realized the homes being built in their area were poorly constructed and that their manufactured home would make a better foundation for their rustic style dream home.

The results of their hard work and creativity are absolutely amazing!

Stone fireplaces are a perfect feature for a rustic cabin style.

It All Had To Go

When we spoke to George and Donna they jokingly told us that it would be easier to tell us what they didn’t change rather than what they did!  They have replaced decking, roof, HVAC, light fixtures, plumbing, textured wall treatment, rearranged doors and windows, and laid new flooring. They used salvaged materials to keep costs down.

Rustic style home office is amazing! I wouldn’t even mind paying bills here!

DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover – Kitchen and Dining Room 

Donna had already done a quick fix on the kitchen right after they moved in by replacing the upper cabinets, counter tops and giving the floors a paint job. She continued her DIY rustic cabin makeover by adding stainless steel appliances.

The kitchen has tons of storage and style!

As with any remodeling project, there is always something else to do. Donna and George have plans to build lower cabinets out of oak pallet boards,  install wood counter tops, and lay new laminate flooring in the kitchen.  The new cabinets will create a rustic oak look that is similar to the bedroom doors in the master bedroom.

Mix rustic country with modern appliances for a stylish, yet functional, kitchen.

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The Beginning

George and Donna are high school sweethearts that both love carpentry, decorating and re-purposing.  They also enjoy the challenge that comes from working within a budget.

Donna is a trained artist that happens to come from a long line of carpenters; George has a natural gift for engineering and re-purposing. What a great duo!

This DIY rustic cabin makeover was a perfect project for the talented couple. They knocked this one out of the park!

DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover – Master Bedroom

Double Wide get a DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover - rustic style bedroom after makeover 2This rustic style bedroom looks so cozy!

Double Wide get a DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover - rustic style bedroom after makeover

DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover – The Challenges

While George and Donna are amazingly talented, they knew they would need help with some of the projects. One of the major challenges of the project was finding experienced and reasonably priced contractors. Thankfully, they eventually found someone.

The contractor’s first project was the front porch. It needed to be releveled but was in good enough shape to remain. They used salvaged wood to give the porch that welcoming rustic cabin charm.

Exterior view of DIY rustic cabin makeover

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The bathrooms were a totally different type of challenge.  It wasn’t easy finding a plumber willing to work on a manufactured home (it’s a common problem throughout the nation).

They finally found a plumber to do a basic rough-in got the dual showers in both bathrooms and George and Donna were able to complete the rest of the project on their own.

This shower is awesome!

The bathroom’s sink and counter are equally cool!

Make your home unique and personal with your favorite decor.

Unique Doors Creates DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover Magic

Most people don’t give their doors a second thought during a home makeover project but George and Donna aren’t most people. They paid special attention to their doors throughout their home.

Sliding interior doors are all the rage in interior design. They added one in a bathroom so they could take advantage of the space behind the door.

These unique saloon doors add a great rustic vibe to the room.

Saloon doors in DIY rustic cabin makeover

Another unique door in the rustic style.

Double Wide get a DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover - door after makeover

Using salvaged palettes, they were able to give their doors a perfect rustic style.

Double Wide get a DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover - unique door

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DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover – Exterior Projects 

Since they are in the South having a place to grill is important. George and Donna used salvaged materials and a whole lot of creativity to build this awesome covered deck.

Double Wide get a DIY Rustic Cabin Makeover - unique outdoor BBQ area

I need this in my life!

In Closing

George and Donna learned a lot from their projects so far. She told us that researching and taking the time to get multiple estimates from the contractors are very important to get the best work at the best price.

She also reminded us to remember that all good thing take time and to enjoy the memories that you are making while creating your dream home.

Have a home remodel you would like to share with our readers?  We would love to feature it, just email us and let’s get started!

Thank you for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I would love to do an update feature. I’m actually working on one now of a double wide we featured 8 years ago. How time flies! My email is crystaladkins @ mobilehomeliving.org (remove the spaces, I did that to keep the bots from recognizing it and spamming me).

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. What a difference a few years makes. Since this posted we have completely redone kitchen and updated exterior and added some more rustic charm. We are still not finshed with ecterior but maybe in spring.

  3. From the metal terne roofing to the living edge desk to the bathroom decor to all the doors, this is a spectacular job!

    I have one question: Donald Duck?


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