9 Great Mobile Home Bedroom Styles

Having a nice bedroom can help you sleep better.

Heavier curtains can be replaced with light laces and sheers. Comforters and pillows can go from warm flannel to colorful cotton.

More drastic bedroom makeovers can include painting and laying new flooring. After a good spring cleaning is a great time to whip out the paintbrush!

These 9 great mobile home bedroom styles will surely inspire you – from light and airy to rustic country, there’s a style for everyone.

Great Mobile Home Bedroom Styles You Will Love

Bright and Airy

Pam Britton shared her bedroom decor with us on our Facebook page. It was a huge hit!

She paid $1000 for the 1972 single wide mobile home in Florida and is redoing each room. I can’t wait to see the rest of her home!

Mobile home bedrooms -1972 single wide mobile home bedroom

Go to Mobile Home Living’s facebook page for more great ideas. 

Magnificently Mod

Kim Thompson and husband sold their large site-built home and bought an older double wide in an effort to live more with less. Her home was featured here on Mobile Home Living as well as big sites like USA Today!

She did a great service to the mobile home movement by proving to millions that you can live in style in a factory-built home.

Kim’s Master Bedroom

mobile home bedrooms - manufactured home remodel after - master bedroom
Mobile home bedrooms - manufactured home remodel after - master bedroom 2

Kim’s Guest Bedroom

mobile home bedrooms - manufactured home remodel after - small bedroom

See the rest of this awesome manufactured home remodel here. 

Country Chic 

Chantel’s 2000 model double wide is remarkable. The trendy country chic style is used throughout the home with amazing results.

Chantal’s Master Bedroom

Beautiful manufactured home decorating ideas - master bedroom - mobile home bedrooms
Beautiful Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas - Master Bedroom 2 - mobile home bedrooms

Chantal’s Storybook Child’s Bedroom

Chantel’s daughter is a lucky little girl!

Muted colors and natural textures are perfectly combined to create a comfortable space perfect for classic imaginative play.  This is right out of the land of nod!

Beautiful manufactured home decorating ideas 5 1
Beautiful Manufactured Home Decorating Ideas - Little Girls Bedroom - mobile home bedrooms

 You can see the rest of Chantel’s gorgeous home here.

Rustic Country Cabin

If rustic country is more your style we have you covered! Rebecca McCormack and husband completed a whole-home remodel of their 2000 model double wide in Oklahoma. It is amazing!

Manufactured home bedroom remodel - rustic cabin style - mobile home bedrooms

See the rest of this gorgeous rustic cabin styled manufactured home here. 

Hip and Modern

This awesome single wide was originally featured on Apartment Therapy!

Rebecca Caridad Facteau and her husband Dustin live in Boulder, Colorado, in a 750 sq. foot single wide. They have managed to makeover every inch of the home in a modern, yet simplistic, decor.

They used natural shiplap to create an accent wall in the small bedroom. White was used to make the room feel bigger. It’s a great example of small bedroom decor.


Modernly Decorated Mobile Home Bedroom 1
Modern mobile home bedrooms
modern bedroom decor in mobile home - mobile home bedrooms

See the rest of this modern single wide here.

Shabby Chic is Another Great Mobile Home Bedroom Style

Shannon Olsen remodeled and decorated her entire 1979 double wide in a gorgeous shabby chic style. She used affordable updates that made a huge impact and the end results are pretty amazing.

Her master bedroom is a perfect example of using mixed match furniture along with cohesive white to create a comfortably stylish space.

Master bedroom after - mobile home bedrooms
master bedroom 3 - mobile home bedrooms

See the rest of Shannon’s beautiful double wide here.

Marvelously Manufactured 

Melodie and her husband Steve transformed their 1995 double wide into a home fit for the cover of a magazine. It’s absolutely beautiful!

Melodie created a mellow sleeping space with calming whites and baby blues. She kept the furniture simple and hung a chandelier over the bed. Window shutters are perfect for privacy while giving the space a nice clean texture.

Master+bedroom+after - mobile home bedrooms
mobile home bedrooms - master+bedroom+after+21

See the rest of Melodie’s beautiful double wide here.


These mobile home bedrooms are amazing examples of the possibilities that mobile and manufactured homes can have. Whether you like country cabin or shabby chic, you can create a beautiful space in your own home!

Thanks so much for reading Mobile Home Living!

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  1. Jean Dudley says

    Has anyone attempted to take those ugly strips from the walls? My son (grown) said they hold up the mobile home….please reply. Thanks jean

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Jean,

      You can absolutely remove those strips. The walls are glued to the studs that hold up the home. There are also nails at the seams and the strips are used to hide the nails and cover the gap between the two panels (also known as wallboards). This article about painting vinyl walls in mobile homes has instructions on how to remove the strips and make your wall look like drywall. You will need to paint over the walls so don’t remove the strips unless you plan on painting. Hope that helps!

  2. Val says

    Has anyone attempted to remove a floor to ceiling cabinet in the corner of the bedroom? Mine measures 30″ deep x 38″ wide. If not removed any ideas for a facelift? Mine is the typical medium dark wood with 3 sets of shelves with doors and the door pulls in the center of the door. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you all!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Val,

      Built-ins are often removed. The biggest issue is the scars the removal leaves. You will need to have a plan to cover the floor, wall, and ceiling scars. If you don’t want to go through all that you may want to paint the cabinet and wall white to make it all blend in seamlessly with the wall (or at least not stand out so much). You could remove the doors and just have a shelving, too.

      Let me know what you decide!

  3. Angel says

    Hi Crystal! Just wanted to say I love your website! It’s my favorite! I look at the pics over and over. You’re right There’s not a lot of inspiration for mobile home owners out there so I can’t thank you enough for doing this!! I love my home and there’s nothing I enjoy more than changing things up after looking at all these wonderful homes and taking inspiration from them! Thank you!!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Angel!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I love to read these types of comments, it really makes my day!

      I’m the same way, my house never stays the same for long – it’s just so much fun to create a new look. Thanks again for the kind comment! Maybe you can let me share your home someday?

      1. Angel says

        I would love that!!! I hope my house is worthy tho! There’s definitely some projects I need to finish first. Maybe I could email you in a few weeks??

      2. Crystal Adkins says

        Please do, Angel! My email is crystaladkins@mobilehomeliving.org. I’ll be ready whenever you are! Thanks!

  4. Alisha Fontenot says

    We will be remodeling our back spare bathroom this weekend. It will be a family project …. our two high schoolers will be pitching in !! (we will pray for awesome results and sportsmanship lol ) We have remodeled our 1972 mobile home many times over the years….hopefully these will be some of the last tearing and repairing. Would like to send some before and after to you….maybe it will help someone else in the process of remodeling to see that there is hope for older mobile homes to become renewed !!!

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Alisha!

      I’m sure you’ll have awesome results and great sportsmanship! Please take lots of pics! When you’re all finished just email me at crystaladkins@mobilehomeliving.org and I’ll send over a few questions and a way to upload images.

      Can’t wait to see the results! Thanks so much for contacting me!

  5. Chris and Pat gnetz says

    I Would to show you our double wide before and after.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Chris and Pat!!

      I would love to see (and share) your home! Awesome before and after home remodels are my favorite! Just email me at crystaladkins@mobilehomeliving.org – all I need are some photos and then I usually send over a few questions after I look at the photos. Easy peasy!

      Thanks so much! Look forward to hearing from you!

  6. yolanda says

    HI crystal my name is Yolanda, and i just bought a double wide. I would greatly appreciate some pictures for inspiration thank you in advance.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Yolanda,

      Please click on the words ‘Double Wide’ on the black menu bar on the top of the page. You’ll get tons of great ideas for double wides! You may want to peak at the single wides too!

      Best of luck!

  7. Freda Gore says

    Hi Crystal just found your website and I am thrilled to see all the great information and remodeling ideas, Just purchased a single wide here in sunny Venice Fl and is looking forward to getting down and dirty in getting in my dream cottage. Will be sharing some photos as we begin the process of remodeling. love your great ideas shared and will be implementing some of the great ideas

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Freda!

      Thanks so much! I used to live in Nokomis – I loved it there! Take lots of photos for us!

  8. Judith says

    Hi I live in a 30foot caravan with annex attached in beautiful
    Bribie island Queensland Australia, I am so pleased to receive
    your emails with so many different ideas for all rooms
    thanking you from sunny Australia Judith Kautz.

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Wow! Thank you so much Judith! I’m honored to have you!

  9. Judy Lincicum says

    Hi Crystal, I’m not sure where you came from, but all of a sudden, after moving into my first mobile 1 month ago, you show up in my email and send all these beautiful pictures of remodeled mobile homes. I have to admit that I think I have some beautiful rooms in my home, a 2001 Fleetwood, here in Arizona. I might send you a picture of my dining room, which I think is the prettiest room in my home. I’m a collector of transferware and Thomas Kinkade paintings, and toile at the windows kind of girl, but I’m not sure how the photo would turn out, since I am not a photographer, but simply a picture taker from my cell phone. But mostly, I just wanted you to know, that I enjoyed your article immensly and thank you for having me on your mailing list. You can reach me at mommacita13@hotmail.com. My name is Judy Lincicum

    1. Crystal Adkins says

      Hi Judy!

      I’m from the coal fields of West Virginia but just moved down to South Carolina (better schools and jobs). It’s great to meet you! I’m always looking for great rooms and homes to share and I’d be honored to add yours – I can make just about any photos work!

      Hope to hear from you again!