Countries You Should Tour by Motorhome

Fly and drive vacations have been getting increasingly popular as people find they want more to show from their precious time off work or during their retirement. Many of these vacations include car hire and stopovers in hotels along the way, but traveling by motorhome is another excellent way to do it. You set your own agenda, including timescales and places you want to visit. You could also unpack your bags as you would be bringing your accommodation with you the next morning! If this type of adventure sounds right up your street, you’ll want to know where to go to have an amazing experience.

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Here are the ultimate destinations to tour by motorhome:

United States

There is so much more to the USA than Disney World or the lights of Las Vegas. Whilst these can be great places to visit, you’ll see the real country if you take to the roads and stop at the camping grounds. Whether you love mountains, dusty plains, ocean views or vineyards bathed in sunshine, there’s surely something in the USA for each and every person.

One of the most helpful resources for a motorhome holiday in the States has to be It’s full of inspirational ideas about where you should head to and why. You’ll also be able the check the availability of specific camping grounds, which is ideal if you need to pre-book for travel in the peak season.

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Alternatively, you could go further north to Canada and plan a trip that spans from east to west. You might find the Camping Canada website ( helpful to identify campsites in all the provinces you wish to visit, but you’ll probably want to do a bit of research first to find out what each one can offer.

In the east you’ll find beauty in the maritime provinces, moving inland to lakes, forests, and plains. When you reach the west you’ll be spoiled with mountain scenery before you reach the Pacific coastline. If you’re finding it hard to pick, choose to see it all instead!

New Zealand

If the longer flight time doesn’t bother you, New Zealand is certainly a country that lends itself well to a motorhome escape. Have a look on to discover all of the campsites you could stop over at on your travels.

To see a lot of different landscapes during your stay in New Zealand, the South Island is the perfect place to tour. You’ll see snow-capped mountains, raging rivers, pristine beaches, sub-tropical rainforests and beautiful vineyards.

For an amazing trip without any time in the air, choose to have a staycation and spend some time exploring England. You could even have a look on Travelworld Motorhomes and buy a new or used vehicle so you can get around many times in a year without needing to hire one.

You’ll be able to visit the places you never got around to seeing, as well as rediscover the beautiful landscapes you saw many moons ago. We have beaches, waterfalls, peaks, rivers and most importantly lots of tea rooms where you can get yourself a proper brew!

Guest author, Isabella Ramos is a freelance writer from New York, who loves travel, books, family, and is ‘a little’ addicted to coffee.

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