This Amazing 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer Will Knock Your Socks Off

First, let’s take a look at the details: 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer is a 33’ dual-axle park trailer that was built by the Westcraft Manufacturing Company in Burbank, California. It served as an example of the longest model offered during the company’s nine years of post-World War II trailer production. The Westcraft brand was introduced in 1932 by the George T. Hall Company of Los Angeles, California. It was revived in 1946 after a hiatus to focus on defense programs during World War II.

Produced alongside the less-expensive Westwood line, the Westcraft models remained the company’s top-of-the-line offering, with post-war construction incorporating aluminum framing and ribs with a heavy-gauge aluminum skin riveted in place. Westcraft models carried names inspired by popular California destinations and featured “bread loaf” styling topped by a clerestory, or Pullman, roof and painted in enamel. The Capistrano was the only model built with seven windows on each side of its Pullman roof.

A Peak Inside The Vintage Beauty

The entire interior of this 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer was refurbished, including the birch paneling which also had several coats of tinted varnish added to it in order to give it that gorgeous shine. We will let the pictures speak for themselves!

1950 westcraft vintage trailer

We love that they took the time to recreate the kitchen with appliances for the time period, it really adds to the authenticity of this gorgeous 1950 Westcraft vintage trailer.

The kitchen was refurbished to its original look.
So much storage space.

The upper windows were a rare find and added additional light plus gave the trailer character.

The interior looks like a showcase.

This 1950 Westcraft Vintage Trailer sold in 2021 for a whopping $630,000. (You can read all about the updates that were completed here).

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